Emergency Stress Reduction Kit

Many thanks to Colin for this, I will be following the instructions shortly.


  1. Can I print this and put it up at work?

    Obviously not in the cells, but you know..

  2. ATNS ~ of course you can print it off and put it up at work - spread the joy I say. By the way, if you like inappropriate humour, drop me an e-mail and I'll add you to my mailing list.

    It's your judgement call whether you put it up in the cells, I wasn't sure your clients would read it - not enough pictures.

  3. lol......I've printed it of too !

    It was great to see you last night Roses, you look so well.
    It will be nice to meet up and have our girly afternoon soon.

    jo xxx

  4. Can I ask, does it have to be my head or can I nominate someone else? I have a list!

    Somehow I think it may be more satisfying if I use a head that's not mine.

  5. B*E*G ~ you looked stunning last night, sexy lady. We'll definitely make that date.

    hottie ~ I think banging someone else's head there would be a much better idea. I think that would solve ATNS's problem as well.


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