Times, they are a-Changin'

There have been a couple of reasons why I haven't been blogging regularly. Firstly, I've been in a particularly foul mood that started when I came back off holiday and has continued unabated. I'm perfectly aware of it's causes but I was reluctant to inflict it on you, my good virtual friends. I've been so vile that Boy greets me at the door with alcohol and my Viking...well I'm petitioning the Vatican on his behalf. I'm convinced he is a saint. The patience he has shown me, I've been like a porcupine with PMS; that he still wants to be with me is an absolute miracle.

Juggling two jobs, doing 6 and 7 day stretches ground me down. Trying to keep it together, being tired and grumpy has been a mammoth task. My thanks goes out to my personal chefs, Mr Tesco and Mme Marks & Spencer, without whom Boy and I would have starved.

Then I got offered a permanent position at the heat pump company as a Sales & Marketing Assistant. I don't think I quite bit their hands off to accept, but they were left in no doubt how much I wanted the job. Since the beginning of the month I've been working through my notice period which has crept by. Each day on the shop floor has been a challenge to keep the Editor-in-my-Head working at full speed as I struggled not let the sarcasm slip from between clenched teeth.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Tomorrow, I'm in the office and Friday is my last day. Woo Hoo!

It's really weird, but as much as I'm looking forward to starting my new job, I am sorry to be leaving my glamorous past-time. I will miss the girls on the floor. They've been fabulous. They showed me the Girlie Way and I'll never look back. We've stood together through shop lifters, rude customers, weirdos and good looking men in uniform. I will miss them.


  1. You do like your men in uniform, don't you ;)

    It may have become hard work to stay on your feet all day, but it does seem like something that helped you to grow as an individual. I am sure we have all enjoyed your past posts describing your journey (!) and your passion towards discovering the beauty of pretty things :) (No, I didn't mean men in uniform! ... Oh, well, ok, if you insist ;) )

  2. IM ~ I am particularly fond of men in uniform. While I'm happy to flirt with firemen and paramedics in green polyester, my heart still belongs to a certain Northern pc.

    I will explore Girlieness later.

  3. Good luck with the new job. I guess you won't be orange from now on but you need to keep the glam going. I'm trying to keep up my end of the glamness.

    All love x

  4. goth mum ~ not so much as orange as perfectly made up. I thought I'd use my staff discount while I could and bought make-up just for work!

  5. Yes good luck with the new job Roses...let's hope there's not too much in the way of office politics...

  6. cogidubnus ~ I'm trying to tip toe gently through the politics without going 'oh for goodness sake, get a grip!' In the main, working with a bunch of blokes is a bit more straight-forward and they like plain speaking, which is always my favoured modus operandi.

  7. Congratulations on the new job. I don't think it will produce so many product recommendations as the department store job, but I'll forward to hearing more about it.

  8. sanddancer ~ it's definitely less sexy than working in a department store, but I'm hoping I won't have to deal with the stupid and the rude.


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