The End of an Orange Era

Tomorrow is my final day as an employee in the independant department store. Tomorrow, I hang up the 'orange'. I won't miss the stupid, the daft, the weird and the rude. I will miss the fun, the glamour, the products and my colleagues.

When I think about my make-up collection before I started working in perfumery, it consisted of two lip sticks, one lip gloss and two eye-shadow pallets. I had two fragrances on my dressing table.

Last night, I thought I really ought to sort out my make-up boxes and bags. No, I'm not kidding, I have 2 boxes full and 3 bags of make-up. While I was at it, I also sorted through my cosmetics. I think I've got 18 bottles of fragrance sitting on my dressing table and that hasn't stopped me eyeing up several new fragrances longingly either.

Viking and I were talking about how a job can change you. I started by saying 'no, my job didn't change me...' at which point my Viking and Boy fell about laughing and pointed out my expanding cosmetics collection and the fact that I can't nip over the wall to the pub without putting mascara on first. Sheepishly, I agreed, the job has definitely changed me. For better, or worse?

Better: I love being a girlie. I love the glamour. Putting my make-up on in the morning, I feel like I'm ready for work, I'm ready for the day ahead.

Worse: I'm not convinced my bank manager will buy the 'but I NEED it!'

On the cosmetic side of things, the one piece of advice I can give you (apart from wearing sunscreen), is to invest in a good moisturiser (that goes for you men as well). It will be worth every penny, I promise. Over the last 20 months, I have noticed a big change in my skin. I'm trying to find the most delicate way of saying this, but I can't and I really don't want to go into graphic detail. You're going to have to trust me.

Invest in a good moisturiser - not because you're worth it, and you are - but because it works.


  1. Well I really want the graphic detail now. I mean how delicate do you need to be about better skin??
    Hope the new job goes well.

  2. kaz ~ it was late when I wrote it, and I just couldn't face writing about black heads, spots and wrinkles. I just chickened out!

    Thanks for your good wishes. Me too.


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