Treacle Day

Today is my day off, I just wish I had the energy to enjoy it. Everything aches including my head and I feel...well the best I can say is Bleaugh! It's a technical medical term that I've gleaned from those medical blogs. Tasks that are fairly simple to do normally, seem to be taking ages. My brain is processing everything that much more slowly and I feel as if I'm drifting through treacle. Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy or feeling blue. I'm just not doing anything particularly quickly, efficiently or even promptly, which is fine I suppose as it's my day off.

The last few weeks my hayfever has been grim, but it seems to be settling down at the moment. I'll resist giving you a blow by blow account of my symptoms, I'm sure you don't need to hear about the itchy eyes, constant sneezing and general ick that goes with this time of year for me. Besides, it's hayfever. I'm not dying. It's just inconvenient.

The Council finally came and fixed my roof on Thursday. Of course it hasn't rained since then, which sums up my luck. But hey, it's done. My ceiling has an interesting look to it kind of sagging papier mache kind of look, but I can live with it. I can hang something to cleverly disguise it, or simply ignore it until I muster the enthusiasm for decorating my front room again, not likely to happen for a while yet.

I haven't managed to do anymore work on my writing project recently. I've been busy with work and trying to catch up with people and I'm feeling the lack. It's weird how itchy I become if I don't write. It's not so much a past-time, but an absolute necessity. The other plus about writing is that I tend to get loads of other stuff done if I think about my writing. For example, I'm supposed to be working on it now. In the time that I set aside to do my writing I've: upgraded my MS Office, I've emptied the fridge of all things mouldering, had a quick tidy round, done the bins, watered the plants, tidied my desk, done some admin. All of which needed to be done....days/weeks ago.

Last week I got a call from a friend of mine asking if I was able to do emergency reception/office work. I didn't like to say no. So, I've picked up 4 days work in the midst of my PCH work. I did one day Friday and will do the others next week. I must admit it is rather fun pottering around an office. It's really nice getting home and not feeling completely rung out. I knew I was tired from my normal work but I'd never quite appreciated how hard retail is on the legs. My counter manager is going away on holiday for two weeks, so I'll be going full time, which will be a complete killer. Office work 5 days a week is a doddle compared to retail that's for sure.

Just in case anyone's wondering: Hottie really is a Goddess! She gave me a fab pressie this week, which I have test driven today - a coffee machine! How cool is that? I bought some really nice, proper coffee and my cup this afternoon was heavenly. Unfortunately, I'm suffering from caffiene overload, but oh, it was yummy. I'm really looking forward to my morning cup tomorrow. Boy even commented on how nice the flat smelt with it going. I just need to get the ratio of ground coffee to water right. I'm not normally a huge fan of kitchen gadgets, but this coffee machine seems to be built for ease of use and convience.

Anyway, I'd better slope off. I'm in the midst of making burgers for Boy and me and there are a hundred and one things that I really should be doing...


  1. If it makes you feels better I got dressed once to go into town and do some food shopping and then came home and put my jammies back on!

    Make the most of your treacle day - I suspect it'll be a long time before you get another.

    Glad the machine works well for you. I tended to fill the jug with water and put it through with about 2-3 tablespoons of cofee (yes tablespoons). I'm so pleased it went to such an appreciative home xx

  2. hottie ~ I did the tablespoons right, but with about a cup full of water. Could be why I've got a splitting headache? Hope you're enjoying your day off too.

  3. Totally with you on the writing thing. Not doing as much as I should and not working on novel (s) but if I don't write something - nearly - every day I start to feel deprived. Also aware of waste of 3 years hard work. This blog thing helps with the creativity though. My favourite kitchen gadget is my breadmaker, the smell is just heavenly and the bread is really nice, healthier and more importantly much much cheaper. Not so good at the old slicing though some start thick and end very thin. But hey who needs conformity. Treacle days - I have too many mainly on a monday which is often my only day off!

  4. moggie ~ I always wanted a bread maker, the problem is I'd eat the bread, warm and dripping with butter. My gran used to make her own bread, it's an abiding memory for me, that and the scrap as I'd try to get to the hot bread and her threatening all manner of horrible ends if I ate the bread too hot.

    My next day off is Saturday...I am looking forward to it already.

  5. I agree about office work being gentler on the legs - I've done plenty of bar work to know how tiring standing serving all day can be. Also temping in an office is generally quite nice - you aren't involved in the inevitable office politics and can just do your bit and go home.

    Yay for Hottie and the coffee machine!

  6. Yay for coffee machines! Boo for hayfever - I am going through hell with mine this year so I know exactly where you are coming's miserable isn't it?

    My mum always uses the phrase wading through treacle and it's so apt sometimes - I've had one of those days today - bad hay fever, a woolly brain, can't think straight and I've not had enough of that magic caffeine yet...

  7. Mmmmm - I can smell that lovely coffee from here.

    Until the weekend I just assumed that all work was exhausting. Then I was talking to a woman who drives round Manchester Airport all day stopping now and again to frisk people(sadly just the women)

    She said it was a doddle.

  8. sanddancer ~ give me retail over bar work any day. At least in retail the nutters are sober (mostly), work in a bar and then you've got the alcohol to contend with. You summed up perfectly why I like office temping - all of the fun, none of the responsibility.

    NM ~ coffee machines rock! A lot less mess than a cafetiere. Hope your treacle day improved. The only respite I've had from the hayfever was a balm I got from a chemist down the road. It's called Happinose and eased most of my congestion etc better than the nasal sprays and antihistamines.

    KAZ ~ true, work is called work for a reason. Mind you, I think being able to pat down random women at an airport must be quite amusing. Though some of the women who come walking in the shop, I wouldn't dare - they'd beat me to a pulp with one of their pinkies.

  9. There was a theory, I believe, which stated that the effort required to swim in treacle would be no more than the effort required to swim in water.
    The theory going that, with treacle being thicker, pushing back into it would provide greater force, thusly propelling you further forwards with each stroke.

    Sadly, the reality didn't quite match up to the theory.

    But still, perhaps there are hidden benefits to treacle drifting. At least, I imagine, you do not have to fight so hard to keep your head above the surface...


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