Monday Monday

Note to self: do not be heavy handed with the ground coffee in the coffee machine. It leads to much tossing and turning until 3am and a pretty pissed off cat. The only upside to having 4 hours sleep is being awake at stupid o'clock to talk to my Viking as he was working Lates. The downside was my alarm going off at 7am and I felt dreadful. I need lots of sleep (Viking will attest to that) otherwise I become Major Grumpy Knickers (Boy will vouch for that too). My mood wasn't helped when I got into work and faced a Performance Review.

I was concerned when my Counter Manager said the Department Manager wanted to see us. The minute she said 'it's nothing to worry about', paranoia kicked in and I put in some serious worrying time. One thing I can do very well, if I don't say so myself, is obsess. I can obsess for England, if only it were an Olympic sport. So I obsessed. By the time the meeting was called, with the lack of sleep and the obsessing, I was in a bit of a state. I was probably not my most sparkling, or witty or even coherent (I suspect). It was quite an intense experience. I've been appraised before, but this was full on Performance Review complete with targets, objectives and jargon (lots of it). The long and the short of it is: they're quite happy with me. They feel I've got off to a good start and will continue to make good progress. I like the work, even if it is hard on my legs and there are really worse ways to make a living.

I crawled home, punch drunk from lack of sleep and the fall-out from the obsession session. I struggle to convey the joy of opening my front door to be greeted with hugs from Boy and miaows from the Cat. Boy had hoovered and done the recycling. Is there a better feeling? Yes there is. Trust me, there is. After we stopped hugging he said "I brought the pasta I made during food tech home. Do you want it for dinner?"

See. I told you. There is a Goddess and damn is She good!

I scraped off the orange, changed into sloppy clothes and have just finished a huge bowl full of yummy spicey pasta. The only thing I must/have to do tonight is wait for Tescos to deliver the shopping. Tomorrow, I'm moonlighting in Marsham. Tonight, I'm going to put my feet up and whoop some Oblivion ass.


  1. Are you sure boyo wasn't miaowing and the cat hugging? It has been known to happen...

  2. "Major Grumpy Knickers" did make me chuckle.

    I remember our old neighbour (and we moved when I was 5, so my sister could only have been around 3) used to sometimes refer to my sister as Miss Bossy Lips (I think that was it... Bossy Boots sounds more traditional, but I'm sure it was something to do with lips).

    She did not like that at all. ;)

    Glad to hear that your current position is working out well for both of you :) (You and your employer, that is)


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