Happy 2nd Blog Day

Yep, you read right. It's been two years since I started blogging. My goodness what a rollercoaster. It's certainly been an experience. Just a quick re-cap of some of the amazing things that have happened in the last two years:

I made new friends
I found my Viking (or vice versa)
I found paid employment in the Independent Dept Store and the PCH
My Boy became a teenager
I lost my Pops
I finished my degree
Loads of people I love got happily married, and I got to dance at their weddings

As well as lots of day to day stuff.

Thanks for joining me for the journey. Here's to the next year and whatever Fortune and Fate bring.


  1. ...And every time I hear the name Che Guevara (which is surprisingly often!) I cannot help but think of dissertations ;)

    My own blog... Went in a direction I never expected. Introduced me to new people, new friends, new experiences that I never even anticipated when I began it.

    The name, the feel, the theme of your blog resonates deeply within me for those reasons.

    Thank you for sharing, and happy blog day, Journeying! :)

  2. still with you hon. love, hugs & biscuits... x

  3. Happy Blogday Roses...You're special...

  4. IM ~ journeying still feels appropriate, though occasionally i do long for a map and compass

    viking ~ Yay!

    cogidubnus ~ i'm special? what? in a care in the community way? :-)

  5. So glad I made it home to wish you a Happy Birthday...and pleased to see that you're feeling good!

  6. kaz! Welcome back. How was the ornithology? I'm glad you were back in time to celebrate too. I missed you.

  7. Happy blogday hun. Sorry it's belated - my connection has been a bit trick. Hope you celebrated in a suitable way xx

  8. Belated Happy 2nd blogday!

  9. Happy blog day rosie. Keep journeying to the next one.


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