I've treated myself to a couple of days chillin at the Viking's which is a bit naughty. But, I can't be sensible ALL of the time. He's off saving the World and I'm here with my feet up on his desk, a mug of coffee steaming away and feeling smugly domestic. I've just hung out the laundry. Every now and then I surprise us both, and do something useful around the house. It doesn't happen very often and probably won't be repeated for awhile, but hey, it was fun and made a change.

I live in a first floor flat, with no laundry line, so hanging laundry out in a proper garden is a bit of an adventure. Especially, since my hayfever is so bad I've been rubbing my streaming eyes constantly since I've come back in about 10 minutes ago. I'm looking out the window and thinking about a walk into town, wandering around VikingTown, trying not to break my already fragile bank account. Or I can stay in and work on my project a bit more. Or I can daydream on-line.

There are times this year when I've found my life to be quite frustrating. My circumstances haven't changed considerably since then. I'm still skint, still trying to sell expensive creams, potions and lotions to bored women, but I feel more content recently. Even with the disappointment of the MA.

The Viking and I went on a North Norfolk Coast adventure on Sunday. Our car journey was graced with rain and hail, but we were determined to go. We parked up at Burnham Overy Staithe and walked to Gun Hill, a large dune to the east of the village, before the Holkham Estate starts. It's a lovely walk, on the bank that runs between the low, water meadows and the Staithe harbour. There were a few other hardy souls braving the brisk wind and grey. To the west we could see rain tumbling out of the clouds to fall on land and sea, but we couldn't tell which way it was travelling. We risked it and I'm so glad we did. It kept on raining westwards leaving us dry, if slightly chilled. The tide came rushing past us, flooding the mud flats and still we sat chatting, sharing snacks and playing in the sand. We watched a party of 3 wrestle with a large, purple stunt kite. It took them about half an hour to get the thing in the air and then it danced overhead, dipping and swirling to its own music. It was getting late and we needed to pick Boy up from his dad's, but then two things happened. My Viking spotted a large, sandy dune and the clouds parted to let the sun through. I spent the next hour on top of the dune soaking in the sunshine while Viking jumped and ran, up and down the dune til he was knackered. When we finally left, the purple kite was still dancing.

I realised that I'm becoming easier with just letting life unfurl around me. If something is meant to be, it happens with a minimum of fuss or effort. This is the easy life and I don't miss the tension, the striving, the frustration or the constant, nagging disappointment. The MA will happen or it won't. I'll just wait and see. The time off has been good for me, I don't feel so bone weary all the time. I'm sure there are still way too many things I really should be getting on with, but who cares? Things get done in the end.


  1. Que sera, sera?

    There certainly was a mix of weather over the weekend, glad you stayed on the good end :)

  2. IM ~ yep, you could say that. Actually, you could say that to both your points :-)

  3. It's something I'm beginning to slowly accept. I can be a worrier but there are things that are far beyond my power to change & it's those times I need to let go & let it be.

    Good post Roses & glad you're feeling better xx

    PS, thanks for the comment at mine. I can't wait either! I'm getting butterflies at the thought! :o) xx

  4. G*N*D ~ thanks honey. It's good to hear you're on the mend. I'm sorry I've not been about as much, but it doesn't mean I've not been thinking of you.


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