Two Things I Learnt Today

1. Eating cold, day old pizza is not as disgusting as it sounds.

2. I always seem to achieve more when I don't set out to do anything.


  1. I like cold food.I'm a real dust-cart at night-times, eating up most of the 'leftovers'! I know. Sad!!

  2. dickiebo ~ I've been known to eat cold curry for breakfast (no pregnancy involved).

  3. I've found that cold pizza is nicer if it is cheaper pizza. Pizza Hut is fine the next day but posher stuff from places that use wood-fired ovens has to be eaten while hot.

  4. sanddancer ~ posher than Pizza Hut? Does Sainsbury's count? They always say it's woodfired, stone baked, some such shite. It didn't taste too bad...

  5. Cold, day old pizza has quite often formed the basos of my breakfast the following day.

    I say breakfast. Sometimes it's lunch, supper, mid-morning snack ...


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