Getting On a Bit

It's official. I am a year older today. So I went to work.

I've been feeling very pre-menstrual to the point where the cat stopped talking to me and started fleeing the room I walked in. Boy merely put his head-phones on and listened to Penduluum. My Viking gave me cuddles and was sympathetic as I tried to bite the carpet in my frustration.

Despite the horrid moodiness, I've had a really nice birthday. I bought loads of cakes for the ladies at work, when it was quiet I pottered around in the stockroom and played with our new testers. I like playing with Stuff, don't quite know why, I just do. I think I'm just a hoarder at heart, which is probably why I've got a silly amount of fragrances, cosmetics and make-up. Thanks to my birthday bag from work, that pile has just got a little bit higher - much to my delight. I've been treated to loads of fabulous new colours, cosmetics and some of my favourite fragrances. I think my bottle count is now 19! Oops. Perhaps that is a touch over the top.

I'm settling into my job quite nicely. My Counter Manager is such a sweetie. She's been in the industry long enough to know her stuff backwards, but is still enthusiastic about her work. The training has done wonders for my confidence in the product knowledge, which has meant that I've been landing some good sales. I no longer feel apologetic for charging a hideous amount of money for our products. They cost a lot, because a lot goes into them. They really do what they say on the jar.

Apart from the attack of the Grumps, life continues quite happily.


  1. Happy Birthday you will be celebrating appropriately (or better still, inappropriately!)...

  2. cogidubnus ~ thanks hon, I'm just chilling tonight.

  3. Happy Birthday! You're a better woman than I - I never work on my birthday, since the disaster of 2001.

  4. Tell a lie, it was 2000. And everything went wrong for me, so now I make sure I book that day off. Chilling out sounds like a nice plan.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday wishes from me.

  6. What - so is Andie MacDowell telling the truth?

  7. Happy belated birthday hon. See you soon for birthday dance and drinkies xx.

  8. pj ~ that sounds like a tale worth hearing.

    sanddancer ~ thanks sweetheart

    kaz ~ I'm sure she isn't, after all she is an actress. But I do (tell the truth, that is)

    hottie ~ looking forward to shaking our funkie stuff

  9. A belated happy birthday from me too!

  10. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Happy belated birthday!

    Sounds like it was a nice one...

    NM x

  11. Happy Birthday Roses..

  12. twinning ~ thanks hon, nice to see you back again.


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