As I squelched, sloshed and dripped my way home after work I considered the efficacy of the hideously expensive creams, lotions and potions that I must sell in order to earn my daily bread. Firstly, I need to say, I am not a good salesperson.

The definition of a good sales person is someone who could sell double glazing, insurance, curtain rings and it make no difference to them or their bottom line at the end of the month.

I can only sell things that I am happy to recommend. Hence, I could sell Miller Harris, which is not what you would call cheap by any means; but I love the product. I believe it does everything it says on the tin and it comes with minimal bullshit.

So here I am working on a counter that has a line of products that will set you back thus:
cleanser £50
toner £50
eye cream £110
face cream £160

(If you are still sat in your chair and your jaw isn't in your lap, would you please consider donating to my MA fund?)

I have been talking to various colleagues about it and peering intently at their skin. Given that some of these ladies have waved goodbye to their menopause in the last decade and they still look like they've just turned 49, would suggest that there really is something in it.

I've been examining my customers' skin and I am beginning to believe that you really can tell the difference between a woman who looks after her skin and a woman who doesn't. I suppose at the end of the day life and gravity will take their toll on skin and the rest of our bodies, and while my products won't promise to turn back time, they do promise to keep the absolute worst at bay.

Given that everyone is struggling financially thanks to the rise in ultility bills, petrol and food, is it worth spending £45 on a jar of cream? I can't answer that. I suspect that if money is tight, spending as much as you can comfortably afford won't be money wasted.

But then I would say that, wouldn't I?


  1. mutley4:05 am

    "cleanser £50 toner £50 eye cream £110 face cream £160"

    Hon I hate to disillusion you, (or appear sexist, or class-ist, or any other sort of -ist), but I suspect the majority of women who pay out this sort of price don't operate under the same levels of strain as the rest of us...they ain't juggling work with bringing up a family, they ain't worrying where the next week's food budget's coming from...and they certainly ain't losing sleep at night...

    So of course they look good for their age - they ain't worrying/working themselves to death like the rest of us...

    It's not the pricey products they're buying but, (in most cases), the sheer indolence of their useless pampered lives which leads to their unlined, unworn appearance...

    So flogg'em your expensive snake oil with a clear sounds horrible, but they aren't worth worrying about...

    (heh heh heh)

  2. mutley ~ I think you're right, I need to stop worrying about it and just sell the damned stuff. I can't help thinking my gran had it right when she said a fool and his/her money are soon parted.

  3. Wellll, I'm 99.9% sure what counter you work on/who for... ;)
    I've heard their lipbalm i excellent but Palmers cocoa butter lipbalm does me fine & Lush 'Gorgeous' face cream is amazing. Costs £45 on the shelf but somebody does it on Ebay for £15 inc. P&P so I'm happy.

    Even better, it is made naturally & from natural products with minimal damage to the environment. Love Lush for that reason alone. But their product smell amazing, are cheap, do the job more than well enough & do not irritate my skin, nor are they full of nasty chemicals so I guess that is your answer... :)

    A fancy name does not always mean you're getting the best there is.

  4. G*N*D ~ If I just say it's French, and we'll leave it at that?

    I'd love to be able to use Lush, it makes me itch and there are other nasty side effects if I use their bath products.

  5. Yep. *conspiratorial wink* :)

    Ahhh no. Wonder why that is? Might be the oils & things they use. Unusual for their stuff.


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