I'm sat here in my pink fluffy dressing gown staring out the window. It's snowing. Today, I've decided to partake in the national past-time: grumbling about the weather. In the last week, I'm hard pressed to remember when I walked to work and didn't get soaked. On Friday, one of my shoes decided to change career and become a sandal, which in freezing cold rain is just not considerate.

I get soaked on the way in to work because I walk, don't suggest an umbrella, because it's just not practical. By the time I'd be finished fighting with it, I'd put it down and forget where I left it. And there isn't anywhere to dry the damned thing at work either. Our locker room is permanently freezing. So I arrive wet, hang my coat up, other people hang their coats up over mine; when it's time to go home, my coat is merely damp and cold, rather than sopping.

Watching the snow meander from the clouds, settling on the pavement, it covers everything in a white woolly blanket. It's so pretty: from the inside. I'm going to have to make an excursion to return Gee's book and I'll take my camera with me for any photo-opportunities. But I must admit, I'm a bit fed-up with Winter. I'd like some sunshine please. Warmth to seep into my bones. I'm looking forward to opening my front door and windows to let in the fresh Spring air. I've done my Spring Clean, I've got my hayfever medication all ready and raring to go, I am ready for a change.


  1. For goodness sake, stop grousing! Leave it to me!!! lol.

  2. dickiebo ~ sorry, I'll try to remember that in the future.

  3. I couldn't sleep on Saturday night (most unusual for me). I sat watching the snow fall against the black sky - lovely.
    I'm still pondering your previous post - but, even if I bought the stuff I'd forget to use it.

  4. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Me too! Roll on spring...

  5. Roses, spring, where? it's snowing!


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