End of Days

After 14 months of life in Perfumery, tomorrow I step into the fabulous shoes of a lady on a Prestigious Cosmetic House. It seemed appropriate to take stock of the changes in my life since embarking on my new found employment in Retail.

1. I now have 14 bottles of perfume on my dressing table. They are: Paul Smith - Rose, Flower by Kenzo, Classique edt by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Ralph Lauren - Rocks, Narcisso Rodriguez - for her edp, Un Jardin en Mediterranee by Hermes, Eclat d'Arpege by Lanvin, Rumeur by Lanvin, Maitresse by Agent Provocateur, Addict 2 by Dior, Stella by Stella McCartney, Prada tendre, Geranium Bourbon by Miller Harris and Voile de Fleur by Tom Ford. And there's always room for one more.

2. I now have 2 baskets of make-up and cosmetics and working for my PCH I will have to replace all of my random brands with theirs. I now know why a serum is important under a moisturiser and why investing in a decent foundation brush is more important than the foundation. I totally love being a girlie.

3. I can sell. Perhaps a bit obvious, but I've found something I'm really good at. Yes, I would rather have been the next JK Rowling, but I've got bills to pay and retail is an easy way. Rather that, than doing reception in an accountants office.

4. It does not seem unreasonable to me to dust some powder over my cheeks and slap some gloss on to go to the shops.

I have no idea where this side step will take me, hopefully to bigger and brighter things, at the very least it will keep the roof over our heads for a little bit longer. Was this what I wanted for myself when I struggled through two degrees? No, not really. But at the end of each tirin, frustrating day, I'm knackered, but still a damned sight happier than when I was properly employed in Local Government.


  1. Hon you don't need to justify your choices...the world (as they say) is your oyster, pleasure and pain included, so whatever you want to do, you do...your choice and the very best of luck with it...

    Yes I bet you're very good at selling...but it also does no harm that your image is just what the punter wants to be...bright and beautiful...go for it Roses!

  2. Im with cogidubus on this, the world is your oyster Roses..
    See how it goes and enjoy all that glorious gloss, id love that type of job, if theyve got any mineral powder foundation stuff please give me a shout i definately need help with how to apply makeup..
    When you settle in ill come and be a good customer for you, i need to have a pampering spree and turf out all my old stuff, springs coming so out with the old in with the new eh..lol
    Loads of love and best wishes for tomorrow hun
    jo xxx

  3. Anonymous6:58 pm


    Life takes us down all kinds of wonderful routes and has a habit of surprising us, so go with the flow and if you enjoy it all the better! Who knows where this will lead you!

    But, wow 14 bottles of perfume adn 2 baskets of costmetics! How do you choose what to wear of a morning? I'm so out of touch with my inner girlie...

  4. cogidubnus ~ it's funny but I do feel I need to justify them, especially given the money I've spent on my degrees. Silly isn't it?

    B*E*G ~ My PCH doesn't do a mineral foundation, but my beauty parlour does. Can you get some time off Friday? I'm in work and I'm on my own, so you could be my guinea pig. I need to get experience putting make-up on ppl. Come be my guinea! I can always point you in the direction I get my mineral foundation. I'd love to pamper you. We can sort you out with a new fragrance too!

    NM ~ I didn't have an inner girlie before this job. I thought it was too much trouble, I was too busy, I'm not a girlie girl. Bugger that I say now! It makes me feel good, I feel fabulous and ready to take on the world.

    How do I choose? I get up, think about what I'm doing that day and see what kind of mood I'm in. By the way, how did you get on with Miller Harris?

  5. oh yes pleaaaaaaaaaase
    ill glady take some time off friday let me know where and when and ill be there..

    I love the sound of that mistress perfume, just the name is enough to get me excited ive never been one of those..hehe


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