Spring is just round the corner. I know this is true because blackthorn is in flower. Today, I have been continuing my spring cleaning. Last week I started digging out my bedroom and happily re-housed 6 bags of rubbish which had been sitting in boxes on shelves for over 2 years (ever since I removed ourselves from a disastrous relationship). Last year I had my hands full with Pops, dissertation, work and finishing my degree.

A couple of weeks ago I looked around the flat and did not like what I saw. Since then my discontent has grown. Gee and I headed off to a garden centre (or two) looking for houseplants for me to kill and a coffee and cake moment. I was very, very good. I only got the things on my list. I did not succumb to the temptation of orchids in bright fuschia conical pots. I was so proud of myself.

I love gardening. I love having green things and flowers around me. Unfortunately, I'm a fair weather gardner with a short attention span. I am rubbish at remembering to water things, which is why things that grow outside always get on a lot better than the things that grow inside. I have a list of plants that I can kill: spider plants, rubber plants, peace lillies etc. The plants that are still alive are pretty much safe from nuclear fall-out. I have a weeping fig, 3 orchids and two pelargonams which are doing fine and an alpine strawberry and a money plant which I need to pay more attention to.

So thanks to B&Q, I have now added an ivy, 2 chyrsanthemums and gerbera (yes, I kill these with ease but it was a 3 for £5 jobby and I didn't fancy the flaming katy) to my collection. I even invested in a packet of seeds and am experimenting to see if it's possible to grow nastirtiums (I can grow the damn things, buggered if I can spell them) for indoor use. Oh, I'm also giving a jasmine in the kitchen another go. I tried to grow one over netting on my kitchen window last year. It succumbed to my lax watering. I think it's an idea worth giving another go. If I kill the damn thing this time, I'll have to try something else.

Right, rest break is over. Now to finish attending to my bedroom.


  1. Hi Roses...I personally always found Tradescanthia very difficult to kill..thrives on lack of water (the ones with red-underside leaves go brighter in a drought!)...and dead easy to propogate (snap off a suitable bit, stick it in the soil and water it a couple of times...job done)...

    The other advantage is, since it trails, you can hang the container from a wall bracket or a ceiling or whatever, and it takes up no floor space, won't be knocked over etc...

    Just my sort of plant...

  2. 'I have a list of plants I can kill....'
    But, my dear, we have so much in common!!! lol

  3. Anonymous12:09 pm

    i kill green things too easy accept for marigolds which keep slugs away from your cabbiges.....if you have any growing which i don't but thas just my random tip for the day, lol.

  4. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Ah yes, but then you went to Ikea...


  5. cogidubnus ~ I've had some Tradescanthia, but they just got leggier and I got fed up with them.

    dickiebo ~ what? you mean apart from the love of dirty jokes? ;-)

    hanni ~ you are very welcome here. And marigolds sound good, Gee is growing some, so I'm hoping to cadge a few off of her later. My slugs will eat marigolds, they certainly ate the last lot. Bloody things!

    viking ~ ah yes, Ikea. *hangs head in shame* The miracle of it was that I didn't spend twice the amount. Mind you, I can't regret it, the flat looks brilliant with the new stuff. I'm definitely up for another trip.

  6. "I've had some Tradescanthia, but they just got leggier and I got fed up with them."

    So chop them into lengths and replant each bit...job done...

  7. cogidubnus ~ I'm afraid they've already been re-homed. But thanks for the thought.

  8. Oh well never the way, I thought in Norwich the Blackthorn(e) was always in flower?

  9. For Christmas my sister gave me a tub of bulbs. She wouldn't tell me what they were, I just have to keep watering them and wait. So far I have 3 green shoots and it's very exciting. Nothing like a splash of colour to brighten up life.

  10. cogidubnus ~ there never was, nor will there ever be an 'e' in blackthorn! It's an amazing shrub, the blackthorn - it's the first British shrub to flower and will do so in the nastiest weather. It is also known for being vicious, if you get on the wrong side of it - it has very nasty thorns. For some reason, I'm very partial to it...

    hottie ~ if they are straight shoots they'll be narcissi or daffs, if they have triangular leaves trying to peel off each other - tulips to surprise you!


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