All Change!

My nesting continues much to the consternation and surprise of the men in my life, to the point whereby Oblivion has gone unplayed. But my bedroom has been dug out, the floor is no longer a rumour, I've even created some space for my Viking to store stuff - should he so wish it. The front room still has more shite than I'm happy with, but until the Viking heads up into the loft to put away several crates, not much I can do about it. He promises that he will do that over the next few days, and I'll see if bribery and corruption can speed things along. At least the front room is now dust and cobweb free.

My intentions were to have a lazy day today, for once, my laziness didn't get the better of me and while I didn't exactly move very fast, I did manage to get quite a lot done. I look about my handiwork now, and I could really get used to this target-achieving-feeling. I can't believe that I've actually managed to do what I intended without major stresses on my part. I basically have just pottered around, doing little bits here and there and somehow they've managed to add up to something good.

It's a bit sad, that I'm a grown woman who is patting herself on the back for doing a bit of housework. But there you go. I doubt it will last, so it's good while it lasts.

Oh, and I have other news!

A couple of job opportunities came up at work. Both were in cosmetic houses. Yes, I know I'm being a bit vague, but I'd rather keep the new job I've got. I'll give you a bit of a hint: as from next Monday, I'll be a beauty consultant for the Cosmetic House for whom Kate Winslet and Clive Owen have done a bit of work for. It's very up-market and the products are fabulous. Before I went into the interview, I wasn't bothered, I had another interview lined up for the weekend, with more days and therefore more money. But during the interview I really liked what I heard and I was very pleased to be offered the job. I'm really looking forward to the change of pace.

It does mean that my days in perfumery are numbered - 3 to be exact, but as my Viking laughingly pointed out - I've got 13 bottles of perfume sitting on my dressing table - time for something new!


  1. "But my bedroom has been dug out, the floor is no longer a rumour, I've even created some space for my Viking to store stuff - should he so wish it."

    ...Or, if he's not fast enough, space to store new goodies from work ;)

  2. Watch out Carol Vorderman types - you could do one of those detox books...and please, please will you get me Clive's autograph.

  3. Congratulations on the new job.

    I was hit by the urge to do housework this weekend - only because I had something more important that I should have been doing and didn't want to do - only then does cleaning the oven seem attractive and urgent.

  4. IM ~ too late, I've already got some of my stuff there. Damn, you know me well.

    KAZ ~ I'll do my best to get you the autograph, though there is not way I could ever be a Carol Vorderman type. My maths ability sucks. Every day I give thanks Boy got his father's maths brain.

    Sanddancer ~ a fellow procrastinator. So, was it a report? An essay? Admin? that prompted your cleaning binge?

  5. No, it was worse - it was a presentation for an interview for a job I wasn't even that interested in other than it wasn't my current job! There may be a blog post about it soon. Its over now which is a pity as there are still things that need a good clean!

  6. sanddancer ~ how did the interview go?


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