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Weird Times

The past couple of days have been a bit odd. I got moved from Pop’s house to my brother’s house, which incidentally is the house where I grew up. So I’m now in my old bedroom. It’s quite disconcerting because everything looks the same, but everything has changed.

Pops is frail, but still in reasonable health. While I’m here he’s undergoing radiation therapy to try and extend his quality of life. He’s not in any pain, or exhibiting any symptoms, so it’s become a kind of morbid holiday where I’m meeting up with relatives and going to the beach and discussing funeral rites, wills and inheritance tax.

Trinidad is a bit like my brother’s house, the same but different. I’m going to try and find some links to the local newspapers. It’s become a very violent and dangerous place filled with rumours of police corruption and political scandal vying for a place in the papers, next to kidnappings and murders on epic scales. Life here happens behind burglar proofing, high walls and security guards. I…

Four Legged Journey

I’ve decided that I’m going to call a halt to my career as a professional procrastinator. It’s way too stressful. I was packing 10 mins before I was due to leave. And tell me, if I’m only going to be here, why do I need 6 pairs of shoes? I need taking in hand with my packing, I really do.

The first leg of my journey started out with me standing at a bus stop waiting to go into the city to catch my National Express coach. When I finally got to the bus station, panicking and stressed, I was pleasantly surprised. National Express decided I was a VIP and laid on a coach just for me. Seriously, I was the only passenger. The driver, a bubbly blonde woman, was such a sweetie. I sat up front so I could chat to her and we had such a laugh. Bless her, she even got me a fish and chip dinner in Attleborough. Goodness knows what the new driver thought of the smell, but I hid the evidence. Unfortunately, she finished at Stansted, and then other passengers invaded my space! Humpf. The rest of the tri…

So Long, Farewell, Auf We...

I sit here with the dregs of my coffee, in my fluffy pink dressing gown, with a pit of dread sitting in my stomach. Today, is a day for goodbyes. Some are merely temporary, some will be permanent. One of my constant challenges is to learn to let go. I'm rubbish at it. I want to hold on to the people I love and not let go, I want to hold on to the things that make me happy. Unfortunately, this does not work for me. So I'm learning to live in the moment, enjoy what happens now and hold the memories in my heart, when I say goodbye.

Grim stuff, I'm sorry. When I started this, I didn't intend to get so bleak so soon. If your eyes are beginning to cross, please click on any of the links to the right of this, normal service will be resumed shortly.

Those of you who visit Snapshots, will know that Ing has had a terrible loss last week. Today, he, his colleagues and Stacey's family gather to mourn their loss and honour a wonderful woman. I met her only briefly, although my at…

Odd Stuff

Something odd happened to me over the weekend. It was really strange and I have to say, it's never occurred to me that it could happen. I was completely nonplussed.

I couldn't write my blog. I spent most of Saturday adding labels to all my posts, in response to tax form which needs to be handed in before I fly out. I started two posts, and left them. I was completely floored by this. Like I said, it's never happened to me before. Normally, I've got at least 4 ideas for posts and when I sit down it's a a feat of self-control that I don't blog everything. Not over the weekend. I sat in front of the screen and watched the little cursor blink. Which it did for absolutely ages. In the end I got up and did something else. I read a book. Bothered Boy. Thought about writing my To Do List.

I trawled through everybody else's blogs. I trawled through BBC Online and the Guardian. I found this article about a duck, which made me smile. The bizarre behaviour of people, or …

White Rabbit

Came across this in an early morning blog trawl. It's sufficiently weird and wonderful to make me want to share. Enjoy!


I'm on my second cup of coffee, trying to get my brain to start functioning for the final push. Your good wishes and nagging have worked and I've met 2 out of 3 deadlines this week. My final deadline awaits at 11.00 for my Prose submission. I'm almost pleased about my poetry, half of the poems were actually passable, two were only apalling and the last one was not too dire. I am not a poet, but the discipline of writing poetry is so good for my Prose that I didn't want to give it up. I realise that it will pull my overall degree mark down, but as I'm doing the work anyway, I might as well get the marks for it. Oh. Sorry, we've already had this conversation.

I have yet to figure out why, when I have a spate of sleepless nights although I feel like rubbish the next morning, I always feel so much worse, when I do have a good night. Answers on a postcard please.

I was doing my daily news trawl and I came across this article from the BBC Online Magazine. Reminds me of…


Mind, like page is blank. It has taken me all day to do, what should have been done in a couple of hours. I am preparing my Creative Practice portfolio (well, a box with stuff in it) to hand in for my interim assessment tomorrow. I still have a 1000 word critical appraisal to write and my document remains stubbornly blank.

While this entry is an exercise in procrastination, I'm also hoping that it will 'loosen' me up a bit, so I can have this wretched thing handed in by 11 am tomorrow. I'm beginning to get seriously worried about my lack of brain function. If I don't get my butt into gear I'm going to botch this degree. But my mind continues to be mush. Writing the most basic sentence takes forever. It's as if all my creativity had disappeared down the toilet.

I thought I'd try some exercise yesterday to see whether that would get the circulation and brain going again. What it meant was I got little or no sleep last night because I was so sore. I am funct…

Change One Thing

Along with the New Year comes the resolutions which I refuse to make - it's the only resolution I can stick to. I was watching Gillian McKeith on Tuesday and I was struck by a couple of thoughts and a bit of a paradox I wanted to share.

At present, it seems like all channels are bombarding their viewers with 'improvement' shows. How to improve your home, your children, you. Extreme vs. non-extreme. Plastic surgery, diet, shopping, therapy. All with the basic premise which I found deeply saddening ~ there is something wrong with 'you' that these measures will fix. There is also the equally worrying assumption that once 'you' have a new wardrobe, a new face, a new body, all will be well. I know I'm being slightly naive, happy people don't make good television. No one seems to want to celebrate success, unless it comes with a clear cost.

Anyway, I digress. For an hour I watched Dr McKeith (please note, she is not a medical doctor, a fact that seems not t…

Lamb Stew and the Kitchen Sink

Tonight, I feel the need for comfort food. Hence the lamb stew. Boy calls it a kitchen sink meal for good reason. It's a one-pot meal, and I'm not sure which army I was catering for, but I hope they're not going to be late. I have got a HOOOGE potfull as they say here in Norfolk.

Today, did not start well. I was half an hour late for my tutorial with my CP tutor. I was late because I'm a complete muppet; I completely got my times wrong. The 5 minutes we chatted was enough to put me back on track. This week has been a string of 'woe-is-me' meetings with my Course Leader, Student Adminstration and Support and the Critical Studies director, to explain why I haven't done my dissertation and to access the support from the College, which will mean I can finish my final year, this year. I've now got extentions for my dissertation of four weeks, which I'm hoping I won't need. I'd rather not have it impact on the rest of my coursework.

This afternoon, …

Chilli to Make Grown Men Cry

It occurs to me that quite a few people reading this blog, are single or living on their own. One of the most difficult challenges living on your ownsome, is cooking. Cooking for one can be dull, boring and the temptation of ready meals, overwhelming. So I thought I would share one of the mainstays of our diet. Chilli. This is my Nigella impression.

First thing you've got to do, is the shopping. Take a walk around where you live, see whether you've got a butcher nearby. I know this sounds ludicrous in the age of the supermarket. But trust me on this; a good, local butcher is worth his weight in gold. Apart from the flavour of the meat, you're less likely to have to pour off half a pint of fatty water when cooking said meat. I buy steak mince. Its got a fuller taste and is less fatty. While you're out searching for your butcher, keep an eye out for a veg shop. I like small shops. I like the fact that they get to know your tastes, will put stuff aside for you, or order st…

Red Vs Blue PSA Holiday 06

A bit late...but amusing just the same.

Displacement Stuff

I'm sitting here, thinking about the things I need to be doing, should be doing and must be doing. Which is why I'm sitting here. Today, Boy has a friend who will be sleeping over, so all I need to do is feed them and keep out of their way. In a minute, I'll drag them down to the shops to get some food in the house for tonight and the week ahead.

I've had a very busy few days. My Super rang me on Wednesday and we briefly discussed options. He's advised that I apply for extensions, extenuating circumstances and the year out; his logic is simply if I've got the back up and don't use it, no harm done. I must admit, the more I think about it, the less inclined I am to take the year out. I've only got 5 months to go, my creative work is all on track. It's only the dissertation which is tripping me up. I will spend this weekend tinkering away on my degree work, filling out forms and thinking. I have decisions to make.

Not all is dire though. I got invited t…

The New Year

Lots of my favourite bloggers have been reviewing their year and I've spent some time thinking about 2006.

Some key moments for me:
ending my long-term relationship in Februarycontinuing my degreecoming to terms with my boy going to high-school and becoming a teenagerbloggingletting go of some out-of-date emotional stuff, I'd been lugging aroundIng's post on the Beauty of Uncertainty really struck a chord with me, because I am a Woman with a Plan. Or at least, I was. In 2006, I accepted that I haven't actually got a clue. All of the things I thought I wanted for myself, are actually really bad for me. So in essence, I don't know about 2007.

I suspect it's going to be fraught, painful and bloody hard work, but then, when hasn't life been like that? I have good friends who care for me, virtual and real life. I'm still breathing in and out. My Boy is a delight. I still manage my mortgage payments. All in all I think I'm doing fine. I might feel a little b…

Saddam Hussein

It's not often I feel motivated to write about political issues. I suppose I just suffer from overwhelming apathy with regards to the events which unfold on the political stages around the world. It's not that I lack an opinion, it's more that I haven't wanted to use my blog as my personal soapbox. I think there are people out there who are better informed, more articulate and more interesting than my tuppence worth.

Today, I feel slightly different. On Saturday, Saddam Hussein was executed. Today's Guardian led with the picture of him hanging from the noose and I felt very uncomfortable to the point of distress. The accompanying article is very worrying indeed. I leave you to draw your own conclusions, but I think a grave mistake has been made.

I am not denying that Hussein was a nasty piece of work, and he did many things which are morally reprehensible. But the account of his execution is truly appalling. In this I agree wholeheartedly with Moby, it is wrong to ce…

Ringing in the New

Happy New Year! May 2007 bring you new adventures, success, laughter and love.

Boy and I saw the new year in with Gee, some of her clan and some members of the Norwich Chant Collective. We finished off several bottles of wine, a bottle of champagne and a several coffees. Played Articulate, which was a real hoot. I think boardgames are fabulous, especially when played with good friends and family. Competitive games bring out the spikey side in people who appear on the surface easy going and laid back. Many creative insults were hurled during the course of the game.

Needless to say I am feeling somewhat delicate. I've only just managed to get out of my PJs. Boy is happily playing on his new XBox 360. He finally managed to save up enough to take advantage of a good deal. Now he just needs to save a small fortune to get some decent games. Mind you, there will be some money definitely put away for Halo 3, which just looks amazing.