Moan, Moan, Bloody Moan

This morning has been spent on my PC. Last night I realised my Real Player Library had corrupted (again) and I thought 'right, bugger it' and removed it from my computer this morning. I then spent about an hour trying to figure out Windows Media Player. All I wanted to do was burn a CD of some chill out music that I'm really enjoying at the moment. Media doesn't half make it complicated. The menus are unhelpful and I don't really care that they're all groovy and animated, I just want to get where I'm going in as few clicks as possible. I tried to use the software I got with my MP3 player, but not surprisingly, it might be happy ripping CDs, it doesn't do burning. *sigh*

In the end I re-installed Real Player.

So I'm pretty much exactly where I started at the beginning of the day. The only good thing I can say about this morning's activity is the Library in Real Player is now working again, and this newest version seems to be a little more groovy than the old.

Oh yeah, did I mention I have an assignment to do by the 6th of December? As you can see, there are somethings that don't change about me. My procrastination skills are legendary. Speaking of which it's time to kick some Oblivion arse.


  1. There is nothing like a deadline, to gee things up!

  2. Umm....yeah, except I see a deadline and do something completely different. Like I did today. I did...nothing.

  3. Sometimes we do all need that space from all the things that "have" to be done. To just sit back, relax, and try not to think about any of it.

    In the end, all those things that have to be done are still there. But perhaps that short moment of a fun distraction helps us to maintan our sanity ;)

    Meanwhile, I remain impressed by your PC problem investigative, diagnostic, and problem-solving skills :)

    And as for the "logic behind Photoshop"... bugger me, I didn't know it had any :)

  4. IM ~ yeah, I think I definitely needed the downtime.

    I don't know why you're impressed that it took me 3 hours to make the computer do what I wanted it to do. It just seems to be silly to be running 3 different music-playing programme thingys, but they each do things slightly differently. Having said that, I'd ditch Window Media Player without a second thought.

    Yeah, I kinda understand that it has a load of tools to the left of the screen and does all kinds of shit, if you click it.

    You mean there's more?

  5. Look out for mr postman, your suprise its on its way...
    Jo xxx

  6. I am just sooo glad that you have computer probs. Makes me feel a bit better about my nightmares.

  7. What discs are you trying to burn ? Please could you just quickly check that the discs are not already full. Someone has lost some and they have 25,000,000 personal details on them. If you have them I feel you could get a couple in return that are empty.

  8. dickiebo ~ thanks for your voice of sympathy. Not so much problems as time wasting. Anyway, serves you right for installing Vista.

    whichendbites ~ I had a look around my flat, couldn't find the disks, or the $21m TT dollars a prominent politician managed to lose a few years ago either. Funny that.


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