Dear Jeremy Hunt

If it's okay with you, I'd really like you to stop pissing off the doctors and nurses who work in the NHS.

You see my nearest and dearest has been diagnosed with urothelial cancer that's buggering up a kidney and may possibly be wending its way through his lymphatic system as I type.

The thing is, the surgeons, doctors and nurses who have been dealing with us, have been nothing short of brilliant. They have been professional, courteous and kind. And tired.

Did I mention tired?

One of the things you have to understand is that while Dave might not be anything other than a statistic to you, he means more to me than I can possibly say. I'm a selfish woman and I like being with Dave, mostly because he understands and accepts me more than any other human being who walks/ed this planet. We have only been together for over four years. He's too awesome a boyfriend. Who else would give me a Ginvent Calendar for the festive season *and* a cordless drill and screw driver set on Christmas Day? Who else thinks that I'm a lovely human being but loves me for my Crazy? We've got camping trips to plan, cycling routes to explore, many more cuddles to have. I'm just not done with him yet.

It's crucially important to me that the surgeon who is up to their elbows in my man's cavity is focused on the job at hand. Not counting the minutes when they can have their next caffeine hit because it's 3 am and they've got to assess another two patients who might also need surgery before they're done. 

When the nurses come to take his bloods, check his BP and ensure he's recovering as he should be after his treatment, I'd like them not to be worried about their childcare and how they're going to make rent.

I want the multi-disciplinary team who look at Dave's notes to make brilliant decisions, because they are in the best shape they can be personally and professionally. 

And you sir, are creating a distraction.

Stop it. 

I support the junior doctors' strike action and will continue to do so because Dave is not a number to me and I need him to be well.


  1. I totally agree that Jeremy Hunt is a distraction who is making it much harder for doctors and nurses to do their job properly. And I'm so sorry to hear about Dave's cancer, especially if it might have spread to the lymph nodes, which is nasty. I do hope it can be successfully treated.

    Ex-patients say over and over again that despite all the pressures they're under, medical staff do a fantastic job and couldn't be more efficient or sympathetic. They deserve better than this heartless, bullying government.

    1. Thanks Nick.

      And yes, it's pretty shoddy to treat the people who work so hard and sacrifice so much, so badly.

  2. This country (Australia) also has a pretty good overall healthcare system. But it's overloaded and underfunded from what I see.As for insensitive Cameron's thugs.Well, Nye Bevan must be spinning widdershins!
    Best wishes to Dave, if he remembers me from Zoe's place.

    1. You need to watch the underfunded bit. That's what they do just before they kick in with privatisation.

      It's too early in the morning to ruin my day with Cameron...

      I will certainly pass on your best wishes to him.

  3. best wishes to dave for a speedy recovery.
    you write with elegance and wit.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, I will pass them on to Dave.

      And thanks for the compliment, occasionally, it comes together.


  4. As a healthcare professional in a different country, I can attest to the exhaustion that you speak of, but I always try to give my patients everything I can to help them live better and healthier lives. Although not being threatened with privatisation here, I can definitely see how that looming over one's head would certainly be distracting. My hope for you and for Dave that none of that detracts from the care he requires and receives.

    Hold that man close and be there for him, and let him and the rest of us be there for you. It is a difficult time but I am hoping for a treatment regime that results in many years left on this planet for that lovely man of yours. xoxoxo

    1. Many hugs to you darling.

      Quite a few of my friends are nurses and I know people training to be doctors, I often wonder whether there's specialist make-up for them that you guys use to hide the shadows of exhaustion. It's there in the eyes, but nowhere else. I don't know how you do it. I couldn't work a 12-18 hour shift and speak English.

      I am holding on to him hard and I feel held in return, by him and those around me.

      Things are so crap honey, so crap and yet I am so very, very grateful for the love.

  5. I wish Dave good health and keep you and your loved ones in my thoughts. Your love shows, and it's a very beautiful and inspiring treasure.

    And it shows in your heartfelt and eloquent writings. Sometimes, people need to walk that mile in another person's shoes just to get a glimpse of what it's really like in that person's life. People who make decisions that affect other peoples lives need to experience the full consequences of those decisions first hand before making those decisions go into effect. It's hard to understand poverty when you've never been poor; hard to manage hunger when you've never experienced starvation; and hard to understand compassion and caring when you haven't experienced love and suffered loss.

    I admire your courage and strength to speak out to defend those who are tired and trampled upon by the uncaring, ignorant, thoughtless bureaucrats who are clueless and blind to real people problems and suffering. Those leaders who lose touch with the people often will be surprised when they end up losing their positions (and some, literally their heads) when the people move to overthrow their oppressors.

    United we stand, and we stand with you, Rose, and for the hardworking healthcare professionals doing their best to take care of people and families in need. Most importantly, we stand with you, Rose, because we love you and wish you and your loved ones all best, and so much love, good health, peace, and strength to you all.

    1. Eros, my dear, thank you for your support. It means a huge amount.

      Massive hugs to you.


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