Sometimes stringing thoughts together and following them through is asking a bit much and as it's still early this bright Monday morning, today I blog in bullet points.

  • I am holding the fort while Z is canalling in Wales, this means the menagerie are my responsibility. This means chasing the velociraptors around the cows
  • In order to better chase the velociraptors around the field with the cows, Dave bought me a thumb stick. I look like a proper fake country person now
  • The velociraptors like bananas, but not cabbage 2 days in a row
  • They don't appreciate my fumbling under them for eggs.

  • It's Spring here
  • Last week, I found myself going through my wardrobe and removed 3 bags of clothes
  • Over the weekend, I found myself going through my chest of drawers and removed all the old pants, tights, socks and vests that I never wear
  • Last Monday, I had no intention of doing any of that. I still have one more section to sort out. I'm not ruling out the possibility it'll happen today. Or not
  • Dave and I re-arranged my place for the Summer. The fireplace has been cleaned within an inch of its life, I dusted and hoovered
  • My desk is now back in the study part of my bedroom
  • Where it was in my front room, is now my art area.

  • I also sorted through my herbs and spice cuboard
  • It was well overdue, there were two packets of ground cinnamon, both out of date
  • I go to an ethnic supermarket in Norwich and buy everything about half the price of mainstream shops, for more of the product and chances are it's far more fresh
  • I finally got around to labelling my jars. Something that makes Dave very happy
  • Apparently, it's been a source of frustration. I think there are times when he's not very adventurous
  • I thought that having 4 different types of oils and vinegars was a bit hipster
  • That was until I chatted to La Diva Cucina on Facebook
  • It seems I have a way to go yet.

  • A walk into town on Thursday made my knee grumble to an extent I started limping
  • It has been grumbling off and on before I went back to the gym, I thought strengthening it up would sort it out. It hasn't
  • I went to my osteopath who turned it this way and that, stretched everything out and got my back to make the noise
  • It's a tendon injury, not cartilage
  • This is good news
  • The bad news is, I mustn't load it. No deadlifts, no squats and I am to do exercises to strengthen the patella. He also suggested sports massage
  • Sports massage, for the uninitiated, is not the gentle stroking with candles, incense and whale song playing as you sigh with pleasure
  • If you're not crying during sports massage, they aren't doing it right
  • I'm not looking forward to it
  • However, I want to deadlift sooner rather than later.

  • My work-out appetite hit me last week
  • Now, if I need to eat - I need to eat NOW
  • No more waiting until lunchtime for the first meal of the day
  • I've also noticed my portion sizes have increased as well
  • As long as I keep working out as hard as I have been, I should continue building muscle mass, rather than fat
  • It's quite nice being able to eat without evaluating every calorie.

  • I went into Norwich last week. Twice
  • My friends who live in Norwich are good people and I love them dearly
  • But Norwich has turned into a festering pustule
  • There are more Big Issue sellers than there are corners for them
  • The sign indicating the Food Bank drop off point, took me by surprise
  • Shops I was expecting to go to, have shut
  • The levels of aggression of people walking around the city centre at lunchtime, was breath-taking
  • The trickle down effect of the economic recovery doesn't seem to have reached the Norfolk capital
  • I remember twenty years ago, I would walk around the city at 3 am if I couldn't sleep (when Boy wasn't with me obvs)
  • I don't much like how the city has grown up. Part of the Plan was to move back into the city after Z moves on from here
  • That part of the Plan has now been crossed off.

  • When I was in Norwich having my teeth cleaned, Rummy had his butt seriously kicked
  • Sadly, it has knocked his confidence considerably and he is very hesitant about going out
  • It didn't stop him squaring off with Benji the dog
  • If I get hold of the bloody cat, it's going to discover what a real arse kicking looks like.

  • Problem with my plotting became clear as I tried to explain it to Julia (who must be worshipped) 
  • I will get the issue resolved this week, but won't begin writing until next week
  • This week, with the fort holding and the fact I am going to visit Boy in Lincoln, means my week has become fragmented
  • I am visiting, shopping, velociraptor chasing, cooking and being generally creative in the intervening period
  • Next week, I write.


  1. I like this bullet point style of blogging!

    1. It helps when I've got lots of things to say like today, or when I've gone through a blogging drought, it helps me get back into the flow.

  2. Ooh I'd never considered bullet point blogging, I like it. Sorry to hear about your knee, I hope the massage helps.

    1. Give it a try. You might like it.

      Nah, the knee's alright. It's annoying. I was 17 and sprained it and it's been weak ever since. It'll sort itself out eventually...but the massage...I'll make the appointment tomorrow....

  3. "thumb stick" USB memory?

    "removed 3 bags of clothes ... going through my chest of drawers" I need to that as well.

    "sorted through my herbs and spice cuboard" Alphabetical?

    "Rummy had his butt seriously kicked" Oh. Poor kitty.

    Excellent round-up.Thank you.

    1. A thumb stick is a Y shaped wooden pole and shaped to fit the farmer's thumb at the top. It makes sense when you see it and use it. There will be pix, eventually.

      Yeah, there's a bigger cat that I've been calling The Lynx that wanders around peeing everywhere. He thinks this is his territory and has been kicking Rummy's butt regularly. Boo.

      Good luck with your own sorting out.

      No, I haven't put them into alphabetical order. They are lined up with the ones regularly use closer to hand. This is why I ended up with 2 boxes of out of date, ground cinnamon.

      You're welcome! xx

    2. Something sort of like this?

    3. Pretty much, except those are ornate versions.

      They would make good snake wrangling sticks too.

      There will be pix.

  4. it's really that time of the year everywhere, sweetpea! i see the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for my knee. *sigh* all leg work stopped when my trainer actually heard my knee "grinding/clicking* as i was doing some step work. *double sigh* jesus wept. i'm hoping that physical therapy will do the trick and not knee surgery. xoxoxox

    1. Fingers crossed you don't need surgery. Ugh. But I hear ya with the grinding noise. It's not good feeling/sound. Bleugh.

      Good luck!

  5. I hear ya on the sorting and donating thing. I need to do that... yet again. I don't know how many times I have gone through my things and pared them down, and I still have a house full of stuff I don't really use. *sigh*

    Bullet point is a great format! I just might use that myself. :-)

    Sports massage = deep tissue massage = owie owie!!! = it feels so much better once it's done. Been there many times myself over the years.

    I hear both you and Savannah on the knee pain/noise. I have both. I wear a knee brace often and almost always use Voltaren cream on it to help control the ache. I had it MRI'd years ago... need to get it done again to see how bad it is now. I know one day I will need a new one. *grrr and sigh*

    I think you need those chicken harnesses to keep the velociraptors in hand. That way you can just reel them in instead of chasing. ;-)

    1. The velociraptors are plotting something, they're behaving and only half-heartedly rushing towards freedom.

      They're about to try something. I'll take Rummy down with me tonight. He's a brilliant chicken herding cat. He isn't at all interested in them, but he likes following me about and he makes them uncomfortable enough, that they do as they're told! :)

      A replacement knee? That sounds like a big deal, but if it means you won't be in pain and can do what you want....at least you've got the insider knowledge and can make the best call.

      Here's to spring cleaning! Yay us!

  6. I like the bullet points - so much done in so little space!

    I didn't buy cinnamon the other day as I was convinced that, like you, I must have had at least two jars of it loitering in the back of the cupboard. However, when it came to actually making the spiced apple cake, there was no cinnamon to be found (three jars of chilli though), so I've also had a spice cupboard clear out!

    1. Oh no! Crap, crap, crap. That's so annoying when that happens.

      But as you say, a good time to get organised.

  7. Hey Roses, I feel thoroughly bulleted, and lacking in Kevlar. Myself, I've done nothing by comparison. Thank you for doing enough for both of us =) Roth x

    1. No worries. You know I like the exercise!


  8. My love - Alles Gute zum Purzeltag !
    I think you are a "grown up" now, officially.

    1. Thank you my darling.

      Even if I don't particularly feel the grown up part.



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