Spring has sprung

My garden has snowdrops and daffodils in varying stages of flower. I've also seen a few clusters of spade-like tulip leaves popping up. I'm now on spring heating, which took a bit of boiler manipulation on my part and means I don't need to light a fire first thing in the morning. It's also meant I've been a bit sluggish in hauling my wood. But that's okay, it will happen.

Rummy 'helping' me with my assignment

Dave is likely to be very busy with Science Week coming up soon, so Rummy came to stay last Friday. He's settled in very quickly and as I feared, has trouble with doors. This place has more doors than a submarine. Don't get me wrong, I adore him. But he really is as thick as two short planks. He keeps trying to open my bedroom door at the hinge end when the door is already open. 

He's been exploring the garden and the rest of the estate over the last few days. Pet wisdom dictates that when a cat is moved to a new place, you leave them in for at least a couple of weeks. Rummy lasted a couple of days and then I had enough of him meowing to be let out and trying to make a break for it every time I opened the door. 

Yesterday was the first morning I let him out and he very kindly brought me breakfast. It was still squeaking. Happily, he wasn't offended when I told him what a clever cat he was and refused to let him in. He went off to eat elsewhere. I was pleased to report to Z that at least one of her squatters was earning his keep.

Unfortunately, he's met the local lynx. It was not a happy meeting. I say lynx, because that's what this cat looks like, it's not really a lynx (though apparently there are plans afoot to release them in Thetford, about 30 miles away). Rummy is sleek, but incredibly solid beast and very physical with it. Whereas other cats flow and tread softly, you can hear him walk and he lands with a thump. If you try and push him off something, he'll stay put unless you put some intention behind it. 

The lynx is a third larger than Rummy. Granted he was probably puffed up, but I have seen him out and about before. He's huge. In any case, Rummy got his ass handed to him on a platter with crudités and dips. I chased off said lynx. Rummy's dignity and ego were more wounded, he spent the evening curled up on my lap. 

This morning he kept me company when I fed the tortoises and velociraptors. Given the predator helping itself to their ranks and their general reluctance to come in at night, Z has decided it's best to keep them in their pen. Something they are not very happy about at all. They've been plotting. I've seen trouble brewing. Not this morning.

Rummy wasn't the least bit interested in them. The velociraptors however, were unimpressed and for the first time in a long time, didn't try to make a break for it when I came in with their breakfast. Rummy's interest was instead focused on another cat, huddled under a pile of wood. This kitty stayed put and apart from a bit of hissing back at him, didn't offer much violence. I'm hoping they'll make friends. Rummy is actually a sociable beast. When he's been with Dave, he hung out with the rest of the cats in the close. To the point that they'd try to invite themselves in for dinner. 

In weak moments I wonder about getting a border collie puppy.


  1. "And that's when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side, from the other two raptors you didn't even know were there. Because Velociraptor's a pack hunter, you see, he uses coordinated attack patterns and he is out in force today."

    Dr. Alan Grant
    Jurassic Park

    Be careful out there!

    1. Yeah! Exactly that. They are sneaky!

  2. Yay! Spring! Well, almost. Even though winter wasn't particularly bleak which left a lot of green hanging around, it's nice to see fresh green plant growth.
    And, of course, Spring is when young mice/voles/whatevers get to it, thereby providing a steady stream of "breakfasts" for Rummy! What a lucky cat.

    1. I thought it was Spring...and then it got cold again. Brr...!

      He's been very busy. The body count (that I've seen) in 10 days is 3 mice.

  3. Anonymous8:59 am

    One can hear Rummy walk ? You mean he's shuffling and dragging his feet ?
    Lynxes are great animals, I like them very much. They are intelligent, silent, & keep to themselves usually. They are generally hard to spot even for good hunters. Of course they are predators and would do harm to the Velociraptors. The house cats' wilder sister is the Wildkatze, I think some of them can be found in Franconia. One better not tries to come near them.

    1. Yes, I can hear him walk. He is a heavy beast and not particularly subtle. :)

  4. Hopefully Rummy won't become one of the predators going after said velociraptors. They are birds, after all.

    Spring. Flowers. How lovely! Our temps are above freezing (a little) and the small amount of snow we got this winter is melting rapidly (in fact, we have light rain right now!) but it will be a while before flowers start appearing.

    1. The velociraptors are currently being kept inside. We've lost nine in six months and Z doesn't want to be chasing all over the place looking for the eggs.

      Rummy has stopped accompanying me to feed the little dinosaurs and they've started plotting again, but I've learnt some moves in the meantime.

  5. Rural life seems to suit you, Roses. I'll pop up to see you all soon =) Indigo x

    1. I am enjoying the life here, it has to be said.

      I hope so. I think there were promises of pizza to bribe you to come along.


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