Have you seen June?

The last time I felt properly well was at Zoe's blog party. I know I promised you a post, but it has come and gone and it feels wrong doing a post about it so far afterwards. The last 3 weeks I have been hit by the Virus from Hell. I thought I had shifted it last weekend, I could feel the symptoms abating and then...WHAM...it hit me again and even harder. 

Today, I woke up feeling like a human being again. I peered at myself in the mirror and ran away screaming. It was not a pretty sight. Have I done the piles of laundry that have multiplied in my period of illness? Hell no. Have I dug out the kitchen and liberated it from the fuzz of unwashed plates. Oh please. Have I watered my plants and loved them after my neglect? Go on, can you guess?

What have you been doing with your new-found energy? I hear you ask. Well, I have been attending to my personal grooming. When I opened my front door today (the first time in 6 days), I realised Summer had arrived in my absence. My legs glowed like a florescent bulb. I  started with a shower and got the lawn mower out on my legs. I'm a hirsute woman. I'm not going to beat around the bush (ha ha ha), I have two fuzzy caterpillars: one above my lip, the other that lays across my eyes and nose without any interruption. Once the legs and caterpillars were dealt with - I was liberal with the application of orange.

I look like this if I'm not careful

For those of you who feel self-tan is difficult, it really isn't. Moisturised the dry bits (knee caps, shins, back of the ankles) first, apply liberally and remember, facial toner is your friend. For the streaks and heavy bits, toner gets rid of those lickidy splick. By the way, I would lie out in the sun and bake myself golden except for one slight issue...my skin no longer reacts well to sun. I get very unattractive blotches, which I am told is due to my ethnic mix and age. sigh. I used to go five times a year on a sun bed to dim the whiteness, but that all had to come to an end. If I want to get my legs out, I slap on the orange. 

According to the blurb, this colour is Mahogany Brown. No, not...

I'm really not sure. It's lighter than my natural hair colour and it's got a red tinge to it. To be honest, it's safe hair. Next time, I'm going to lighten it up a bit. Go more golden maybe...I'm not sure. My hair is so dark, I always am concerned about the roots. Next time.

S'alright I s'pose

Yes, with the shaving, the tweezing, the chemistry etc. etc. it's not real. But gorgeous. Deal with it. The fact that I actually give a shit means I'm on the mend. Watch me as I rise...


  1. Have I told you lately that I adore you?


  2. It's alive! It's a... oh sorry... SHE's alive!! And a good thing too. Glad you are feeling at least partially human again. I rather like the emu's fluffy lashes. :-)

    I don't know about going golden... you'd have dark roots in no time! I rather liked the purpley darkness you did a while back.

    I hear you on the hirsuteness thing. I suffer from that affliction too due to the Viking genes ( thanks Dad!) but mine is thankfully lighter in colour than yours. Still has to be dealt with regularly though.

    Welcome back to the Land of the Living, Roses. xoxoxo

  3. Orange and brown? Chocolate orange - It's not Terry's, it's mine!

    Glad to see you back.

  4. Glad to hear you're on the mend, Roses. As for personal grooming, a pox on it. I shower twice a week, even if I don't need it. And I have the European butt-hair mountain in residence. Oh yes. Anyway, we already know you're gorgeous. YOU deal with it. Roth x

  5. I had noticed your return to the land of the living on Facebook. Glad you are continuing to feel better.
    What is it with summer colds this year? I know so many people who have had one (including me and I still have sinus issues weeks later).
    I do defuzz my legs with an ancient epilator and I have been known to bleach in the moustache area if it gets too dark, but I really cannot be arsed to pluck my eyebrows.

  6. I've got fearsome blocked sinuses, though nothing like the virus you had. It has been a bad summer.

    Eyebrows are about all I attempt, being very un-hirsute, but it hurts so I don't try very hard. I should get them done, but I'm afraid of being over-plucked.


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