Can you Hear me?

 (not the gym in question)
It seems I have been labouring under the misconception that I am an articulate woman. I always thought my communication was straightforward and direct. It seems this is not the case.

It seems that when I approach a staff member at a university gym and ask for a fitness assessment, I am actually asking for a Personal Training session. When I say I am smack-bang in the middle of the bell curve for weight/BMI/body fat percentage and am not interested in advice on nutrition, it means I really need to talk to their PT who specialises in nutrition advice. And it's okay, she's a woman, she'll totally get my specific needs. He kindly offered me a blow-by-blow tour of all the great cardio machines. I told him I was interested in strength training and he tried to show me the cardio machines some more. He was then slightly put out when I said I really wasn't interested and lead me past the weights to show me pictures of all of the PTs with their qualifications and big smiles. I stopped listening and nodded and smiled and fumed.

Everything I've ever hated in a gym rolled up into one neat package. 

(also not the gym in question)
Rows of neatly laid out machines, facing the big glass windows and the outside world. Slim gym bunnies bouncing on stair machines, the guys lifting weights over there. All very clean, attractive and so, not me.

I go to the Sportspark to swim. I could be tempted by the circuit training, except that only happens at lunchtimes and I'm in another part of the city. Everything else they can keep.

All I wanted was a proper, scientific assessment of my fitness. I want to have accurate data so when I start the next part of my training I'll have solid base measurements as a guide. I know, I know I'm odd. But you would think that the university gym, where all of these shiny PTs were trained, would be totally up for the odd. 

The PT I met on Tuesday evening, who might have been confused by my request on the phone was straight up about it. He might have thought I was odd, but he was up for the challenge. I'm meeting him for my first session at 7 am Monday and I'm now confident I made the right decision; about the gym and about him.

All I've committed to is three sessions next week. I haven't signed up at the gym or agreed to sign up. I can pay as I go. If I hate it, I will bail PDQ. I see myself doing two weeks with him and then fly solo, with occasional sessions to check my form and progression. Or at least, that's the Plan*.

Tomorrow, I'm off for a Yoga Day. I'm really looking forward to it. I know I'm in safe hands and the thought of spending a day stretching out and meditating is absolute bliss.

* we all know how well my Plans can work out


  1. My fitness assessment comes every day of my life. Am I winded running up stairs? How many bags of groceries come up from the car without using a cart and having shoulder pain? Can I get through my spin class without slowing down and modifying? I assess myself constantly by where I'm at in my classes and daily life. Think about what you want out of being fit, think about your weaknesses and what you'd like to improve. You don't need them to tell you, you know your body better than they do. I like going to the gym ONLY for the classes because they push me further than I would myself. I would suggest you add some sort of weight/balance/core training. Yoga is good but lifting some weights is also good for your bones. I do a class called Chisel that is a weight lifting and balance class. Keep going and good luck!

    1. Hey Laura, oh I do all that too!

      I suppose I'm a geek and I like the numbers. I do listen to my body, but I want the data to compare to how I feel, to know if that's the threshold I have to push through and can push through safely or if that's the STOP RIGHT THERE MISSY message.

      I've never done this before. Yes, my overall fitness is improving, I know that. I certainly am doing much more than I used to. But I like the numbers.

  2. I'm certain that there are little gadgets and software that can help you with that, my little Miss Numbers! The only numbers that are important to me are measurements. I don't even care about the scale!

    1. Oh, I track my measurements too.

      If I do things right at the gym, I'll be packing on the weight!


  3. These possibilities occur to me:

    1) The trainers are trying to up-sell a more expensive membership.

    2) They are thick as a brick.


    1. Don't apologise. The guy last night was definitely trying to sell me a) membership and b) PT sessions (that cost about £25-£30 depending on which PT I chose)

      And also, they were thick as a brick. Or as we say this side of the Pond - as two short planks.

  4. Well, I applaud you for taking action to be healthier and more fit. I'm not a gym person either. I prefer to do things on my own. Though, I've joined a few classes (like yoga for a college semester, along with swimming class). And I've done an aerobics class on a dare (and I learned to never make fun of aerobics again)! I hope you get what you want out of the sessions! I find the first two weeks are the hardest of any workout. If you can endure two weeks, by the following weeks, the workouts will be part of your normal routine.

    1. Hey eroswings.

      How are you doing honey?

      Thank you for your support. I've done a few classes over the years and I can honestly say, I don't like them much. I've never stuck to them. I did stick to the Exercise DVDs that got me to this place.

      Doing the workout in the mornings certainly seems to be the way forward as far as establishing a routine. xx

  5. Numbers too ?

    OhmydearGod ...

    1. I love the numbers. I see that I am making improvements. No matter how tired or run down I feel. The numbers might be stretched occasionally, but they don't lie.


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