Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Another collection of random thoughts for your amusement and edification:
  • I am actually smokin' hot at the moment. I'm unpacked and settled in!
  • My bookcases are now more-or-less organised. Not that the organisation will mean anything to anyone else, because we really needed another 3 to make everything fit
  • I had a really good day at work yesterday, felt good to start the week off well
  • I have spent more time on the telephone listening to hold music as I have tried to get through to everyone who needs to know I've moved
  • Saving money on a day-to-day basis requires time and craftiness. It's too easy to ignore things or go for the less tedious option
  • Boy is currently all loved up with new GF. Consequently, our food bill has plummeted. I miss him though. Given he's off in September, I'd better get used to it
  • I am tired of companies sending me free recycling. I've been cackling evilly, sending back all their marketing bumpf in their freepost envelopes with - NOT INTERESTED TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST scrawled across it
  • I like the hot weather. I've been waiting for it all year. I am happy
  • The Cat is content here. She likes sitting and watching people go by outside
  • Pedestrians seem to take an extra dose of Stupid in the hot weather - they wander aimlessly around - slowly
  • Cyclists seem to take an extra dose of Stupid and cycle in sandals and floaty skirts One hopes their bicycle chain does not eat toes or fabric
  • My admin basket, normally not seen because of all the paperwork overflowing, is now empty. Yes, you read that right. My admin is up to date
  • I was hoping to do some writing work today, instead I've been on the phone and sorting out my admin. I'm hoping I will get to it soon. I need it
  • I still have no curtains, I may well rectify that today, but don't put any money on it
  • My bedroom is now officially called The Bat Cave. I loves it so much! It's so cosy
  • I'm enjoying being here far more than I thought I would. I love the fact the Flat is so much smaller and compact, it's the perfect size for me and The Cat
  • The hallway is next on the Decorating To Do List, after the other miscellaneous jobs have completed (tiling, curtain hanging etc)
  • Apparently, it's going to throw it down with rain in a bit. Excellent. We really need a good rain
  • I am content.


  1. Goodness, everything's being organised at a cracking pace! Glad you're enjoying your new home.

    Motorists take an extra dose of Stupid as well. I've seen some crazy road manoeuvres in the last few days. Cool down and pay attention, people....

    1. You think so? I think it's taking ages to get everything done.

      And yes, it seems that Stupid is a bit of a problem...

  2. Anonymous2:58 pm

    What could we start now? *smirk*

    1. I dunno, but knowing you it won't be anything DIY!


  3. Do you need any holes drilled?

    1. Funny you should ask that. I need some curtain poles put up.

      What time will you be round with your drill?

  4. I need to be as organised as you. You'll have to nag me.

    Actually.... There's an idea. You can charge a fee for organising people/homes/things!

    P.S. I love returning junkmail in those handily enclosed freepost envelopes, too!

    1. I'm surprising myself at the moment! Normally, my admin flows out the basket, jobs get ignored. I'm not entirely sure what's going on...

      P.S. It's so much fun; especially knowing they're taking a hit on the postage. Twice! Hah!


  5. i need your help, too! i think IDV is on to something! ;) glad you're settling in, sugar. xoxoxox

    1. Honey, I nag for free.

      Have you sorted out that box yet? Well?


  6. I've just got one more lot of minutes to complete and send out, a bit of preparation for something happening in a month's time, my holiday to pay for next week and I'm done too. Then I chill for three weeks, admin-wise. It feels good not to have deadlines hanging over me for once in a way!

  7. The Bat Cave, huh? Is Albert hanging out in there? ;-)

    Glad things have moved along so well, despite the rough proceedings. I could put up the curtain rod for you... lots of experience in that department!


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