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This is going to be a blog post in bullets and in no particular order. I don't think I have it in me to construct a coherent sentence, but I'm desperate to write something.

  • This is the last weekend in this house and I've hardly been here. It's very weird. Boy disappeared off to London and in a way, it feels like he's already left home.
  • I spent 2 hours looking at curtains for the flat. I came out of the shop with 2 plastic boxes and 2 lunch containers.
  • The exercise has worked! On Friday evening, Dave took me for a bike ride. It was the route that previously took me hours...I did it in 40 minutes and when we stopped, it was to look around. I think I surprised him somewhat.
  • My butt still hurts from the bike ride. 
  • I am really rubbish at DIY. Tomorrow, it will be the third time I try and get the kitchen right.
  • I have way too much shit in my house. Why do I have so many knick knacks? And stones. What is it about stones?
  • The flat is beginning to feel like home again. Even if it is filled with DIY detritus and has nothing of mine in it yet.
  • My neighbours are pleased to see me move back. It's really touching how they have all come up to me in the last few weeks to have a chat, to welcome me back.
  • When I first rocked back to the flat, I was shocked and appalled how badly maintained the outside was and spent half a day cleaning and clearing up the communal area. A couple of weeks later the family downstairs cleared out the patch of ground behind them.
  • The Cat knows something is up and is stressing. I'm concerned how she'll cope with the upheaval. Heck. I'm concerned with how I'm going to cope with the upheaval.
  • I'm putting the stuff I don't want outside the house, so people can help themselves. I don't have the time to spend cataloguing and flogging the stuff on-line. Also, if someone needs it and can use it, why not?
  • Acrylic nails are brilliant. I'm on my third set and they are lasting so well and it's lovely having good nails, even if they are covered in paint.
  • In the next 5 days, we will have finished the renovations on the flat and moved. 
  • If the previous statement doesn't show the power of positive thinking, I don't know what will.
  • Realistically, I'm going to move and then have about a month's worth of niggling tasks to finish off. 
  • I worry that the month's worth of tasks will remain unfinished for years.
  • I am desperate to get back to writing and working. It feels like my Life and Plans for World Domination have been on hold for the last 3 months. Not to mention the money that has been leaking from my bank account.
  • My hayfever is appalling at the moment. My eyes itch and stream. Ugh.
  • I beat sinusitis last week. I'm so chuffed. Though I definitely can't recommend anyone else snort Tea Tree Oil. I think I broke every aromatherapy rule with that one. But I'm still here and I'm not coughing up the greenies anymore.
  • The most difficult part of moving will be my study. My Goddess do I have a lot of crap in here and no, I mustn't lose anything. And that's not even talking about half of the books!
  • I have this week off. Next week, it'll be all Go Go Go! at work and then I will spend money I don't have to colour and cut my hair, get some eyebrows and have a facial.
  • All this exercise malarky has given me ideas above my station. I'm now thinking of taking up running and martial arts.
  • I am genuinely shocked Dave still wants to be with me after the last 3 months. I've leaned on him heavily and I know I've driven him nuts and he's got his own stuff to deal with. I think he's nuts. A sane man would have been running for the hills right about now. Instead, he spends his time contemplating my kitchen and how we are going to tile it.
  • I'm not going to worry about healthy eating this week. If I remember to eat at all, it's going to be a miracle.
  • I am now just a little bit excited about moving and the next part of my Life. 


  1. I'll be with you, ready for action, on Thursday.

    1. I am so incredibly grateful to you!

      See you then!

  2. Crikey, no, it's a pleasure xxx

    1. ...you say that now. I am not looking forward to the task.

      Mind you, I've already started going through stuff. Once the decorating is done, it will be easier.

  3. *waves from a distance*

  4. I can't carry boxes, but I can do respectable DIY. Happy to help if I can. Drop me a line if I can.

    1. I'm not turning down any help at the moment.

      I'll be DIYing for the next three days and then packing and moving.

      As that's hideously short notice, I'm not going to hold it against you!


  5. Vivre la Roses! You're working harder than Le Tour riders in the Pyrenees!

    1. If only that were true. I'm not being at all efficient.

      Today will be the third time I'm painting the kitchen walls, trying to make it respectable.

  6. good luck, sister! xoxoxoxo

  7. Best of luck with all that. The power of positive thinking indeed!

  8. Looking for curtains but buying lunch boxes? I totally understand.


    Good luck!

    1. Yeah, about that...

      I took Boy and Dave with me to look at curtains...this time came away with nothing.


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