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Settling In and Austerity Measures

Before you ask: no, the curtains still aren't up.  Both Ponita and LX have kindly offered to help put up curtain poles. I'm still waiting for them to turn up. Given they are both far more practical than I, their help would be more than appreciated. But I tell myself, I have 2 degrees, all I have to do is follow the instructions and take my time. I can do this.

It's getting to the point where I begin to wonder whether it's safe to write a To Do List again. After writing one at the beginning of June, I didn't dare write anymore because it scared me so badly.

*deep breath*

I am in now. That's all that matters. It's a bit messy still. I've got bags and DIY bits everywhere. It gets tidy and then there's another job to do and it gets messy. And then, I want to eat, Boy wants to shower and it's messy with life and DIY. I'll get it done. It's getting in the way, because in the midst of this, I am aware that the move was part of  a Plan. Now that…


Another collection of random thoughts for your amusement and edification:
I am actually smokin' hot at the moment. I'm unpacked and settled in!My bookcases are now more-or-less organised. Not that the organisation will mean anything to anyone else, because we really needed another 3 to make everything fitI had a really good day at work yesterday, felt good to start the week off wellI have spent more time on the telephone listening to hold music as I have tried to get through to everyone who needs to know I've movedSaving money on a day-to-day basis requires time and craftiness. It's too easy to ignore things or go for the less tedious optionBoy is currently all loved up with new GF. Consequently, our food bill has plummeted. I miss him though. Given he's off in September, I'd better get used to itI am tired of companies sending me free recycling. I've been cackling evilly, sending back all their marketing bumpf in their freepost envelopes with - NOT INTEREST…

Getting Sorted!

It has been a busy week. I've been in the office and then bringing the last bits over from the house and getting that ready for the tenants to move in. Then there has been the many hours spent on hold trying to get to talk to an actual person to tell The Powers that Be, I have moved. 

And then there were the boxes and bags of Stuff. I was as strategic as I could be getting it all unpacked and placed, only to move them once again because I needed that particular bit of floorspace to put something else there for the time being.

Happily, the kitchen, bathroom, front room and my bedroom are now all unpacked. No, you can't tell at the moment, because there are boxes piled up in the front room waiting to go to the charity shop tomorrow morning. It's quite frustrating.

At the house, when I wanted to get rid of Stuff I thought other people might like, I put it in boxes outside. It worked very well. I must have put about 8 boxes-worth of Stuff and the only things I couldn't get ri…

New Week, New Home

It's early and I'm drinking my first cup of coffee, wearing my Pink Fluffy Dressing Gown for the first time in my new/old home.

My brain cells aren't all firing at the moment and it's only partly due to caffeine deprivation, so here's a bullet list of what's been going on...

When we wanted to move the bulk of my furniture on Saturday, it was the hottest day of the year. Sunday was less so, but more humidMy liking good, solid furniture is not an advantage when movingI had to lower my expectations as far as the decorating goes. The only room that is finished is Boy's. Adequate is the only term that covers itI'm glad I didn't decorate the hall nowEven giving away a third of my books, my book shelves are still double stackedI daren't write my To Do List for the flat, there's so much to be done stillThe house isn't even empty yet, there are still odds and ends to come over. I've assigned that task to BoyOMG! I never realised I was such a sl…

...And Counting

This is going to be a blog post in bullets and in no particular order. I don't think I have it in me to construct a coherent sentence, but I'm desperate to write something.

This is the last weekend in this house and I've hardly been here. It's very weird. Boy disappeared off to London and in a way, it feels like he's already left home.I spent 2 hours looking at curtains for the flat. I came out of the shop with 2 plastic boxes and 2 lunch containers.The exercise has worked! On Friday evening, Dave took me for a bike ride. It was the route that previously took me hours...I did it in 40 minutes and when we stopped, it was to look around. I think I surprised him somewhat.My butt still hurts from the bike ride. I am really rubbish at DIY. Tomorrow, it will be the third time I try and get the kitchen right.I have way too much shit in my house. Why do I have so many knick knacks? And stones. What is it about stones?The flat is beginning to feel like home again. Even if it…