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...Press 5 for Emotional Meltdown

It seems there's a knack for maintaining your sanity. Follow this simple tip and you'll never reach for the vodka bottle again.

Never, ever try to get hold of any large institution/business/government organisation by telephone.
It's so simple.
I wished I'd have realised this years ago.
As you may remember, I'm in the midst of remodelling my flat, ready to move in at the end of June. Unfortunately, my administrative system has struck again. The blasted Paperwork Elves fed my receipts/paperwork to the dragon and I can't find out when new flooring is to be delivered. I spent the last hour and a half trying to get hold of the Norwich store to find out the details. Can I get through? Good grief no. Not only that, I have an automated process to go through every time before being told, they can't take my call right now.
For the sake of my own peace of mind, I removed the telephone from my ear and went and did a work out. I'm going to have a shower, get dressed and …

End of an Era

Ladies and Gentlemen, today is the day when it all starts to change. When everything I've been worrying about starts to happen. 

Today was Boy's last ever day at college. He will be taking his exams in the next few weeks and is then off to university. My baby is all growed up. 

His first school photo

Being all cute and innocent in Trinidad

Both of us hiding the incriminating cigarettes behind our backs. Yes, he was legal age

And more recently
The thing is I love him to bits for just being Boy. He makes me laugh. We like hanging out together. I'm not a traditional parent and he's an awesome son. 
I haven't done the school run for years. He's always been incredibly independent-minded and wanted to take himself off to school as soon as he possibly could. Today, it was absolutely chucking it down and as it was his last day, it felt right.
I'm glad I did. He went off to college, I went and celebrated with coffee and cake at The Window and later on we shared a heated deb…

Adventures with Acrylic Nails

As you know, this is the blog for the deep and meaningful things in nails.

On my left thumb nail I have a vertical ridge that pretty much dissects my nail. This ridge splits into my nail bed if I bash it. As you can imagine it is bloody painful if it catches on fabric or anything else, and there's always the risk of a tear. 

I've tried gluing the bits back together, with no success. Recently I tried gels - where they paint your nails with this liquid, stick it under UV light. Hey presto! Perfect nails that are tough as fuck.

I thought I'd see if I'd get on better with acrylic nails. I could buy the nails myself and I wouldn't have to go to a salon and thus, save money.

It was fine in principle. 

Except the first lot of nails I bought were too big for my actual fingers. They were a plain, French polish and short, so I thought I could get away with one just for my thumb. Again, fine in principle. Because it was designed for a different size digit, it flaked of…

Adventures on a Bicycle

See! Photographic evidence
Have I mentioned I don't cycle? The last time I sat on a bike was about 20 years ago. I biked a bit when I was growing up, but on quiet roads and not very far. I had a bike for a bit when I first moved to Hunstanton, I remember being freaked out by the traffic and being told off for cycling on the path.

My husband bought me a bike. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It was a white Raleigh; sit up and beg bike with a shopping basket that was supposed to take me to and from work, just down the road. I think I managed a few journeys and then drove. I'm pretty sure my Mother-in-Law ended up with the bike. I didn't miss it. Again, my road craft wasn't good enough and I lacked confidence.

Dave bikes. He has quite a few bikes. I warned him in advance. You're not getting me on the back of a bike. I said. It's not going to happen

I'm not entirely sure what happened. I still don't remember the thinking that lead to me borrowing a bik…

What do you Want to do when you Grow Up?

I remember I was asked that a lot when I was a child. I think my family was spoilt by my brother who knew he wanted to be a vet when he was 13 and then he went and became a vet. My mother said I should go into Public Relations. A family friend suggested I should read law. Instead, I upped and left and didn't become anything.

I've worked since I was 18 years old. My time out of employment and economic activity in my working life does not tot up to more than 12 months. Though I hasten to add, I pursued 2 bachelor degrees in this time and whilst I worked, it tended to be on a casual or part-time basis.

After I finished my Creative Writing degree, I took my CV to a supposedly different kind of employment agency. There was no logical career progression. I didn't fit into any of their neat boxes.They looked at it and told me I was unemployable. I left their offices slightly miffed and was once again in employment 10 days after that ridiculous meeting.

I don't know what I want t…