Reality Blog Award

OMG! I've been nominated by Jane Risdon for this lovely blog award. Thanks very much darling. And she's also asked me a few questions.

1. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

I would love significant lottery win. Okay, seriously I don't think I would change anything. Although Life has a tendency to be a touch 'interesting' occasionally, I'm actually very content with the way it continues to unfold.

2. If you could repeat any age which would it be?

I quite fancy being 30 again. It was so much fun.

3. What really scares you?

Dementia. The thought of losing grip of reality in my old age.

4. If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

Eh? I have a hard enough time being myself. I'd make a total mess trying to be someone else for a day!

* * *

You know I can't help but spread the love. I therefore nominate the following lovely people for the award. Grab the pic, answer the questions and nominate your victims fellow authors/bloggers who've touched you recently.

Savannah Marsh Mama

Herr LX



Many thanks to Jane for nominating me for this award!

Hope you lovelies will enjoy playing! 


  1. Congrats.

    Thank you for the nomination honor. I must decline.

    1. Hey sweetie.

      No worries darling. This is just a bit of fun and there's no pressure at all.

      It's nice just to see you hanging here!

      Hugs and hugs


  2. i'm in, sweet pea, and thank yew! ;) xoxox

  3. Hello Darling!
    Let me just say that I'm quite touched at being nominated... Though I must add that my blogging has become more of an "Arse Festival" of late rather that anything more serious...
    I seem to have gotten quite a bit off my chest over the years... Which is a good thing.
    This might be just the impetus i need to get a little more toughtful in my posts... Starting by responding to this nomination

    Thank you for giving me some food for thought...

  4. Congratulations! And if you're not bothered about that lottery win, then I'll have it!

    1. Oi! You can't just disappear for ages, swan back in here and get your mitts on my lottery win!


      Seriously darling, it's good to see you!

      Hugs and hugs to you!

  5. Rosemary glad you have managed to get this up and congratulations. You know I love your blog and Facebook page and so do many others. Your quotes and little words of wisdom are a joy. Well done, and keep on keeping on. :) Loved your answers and thanks for passing the award on. Jane xxx


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