Catching Up

That is indeed the theme for this week. I have been catching up with myself, doing the things that should have been done over the Festive Break. I have filed my tax return on time. Yes, I know. I'm going on and on about it. I hate form filling of any kind. It doesn't matter if it's a form to take possession of a million pounds or Robert Downey Jr. I hate them. And then make it a form with numbers...well, now you're into serious loathing and detesting on top of abject hatred. You know how well I can procrastinate...last year I paid out good money in fines, rather than get my tax return done on time. This year, I couldn't be arse to be stressed about the whole thing. I decided to do it on time. So I did. I'm pleased with myself. 

Anyway, catching up with last Thursday, I bit the bullet and purchased the replacement for my defunct and deceased laptop. I was perhaps a little bit naughty. I indulged in a shiny MacBook Pro, but most of it was covered by the insurance. Truthfully, I have been so impressed with my iPod and iPhone that, this really wasn't a hard sell. I'm still getting used to the different user interfaces and setting things up just as I like it; but it's all good. It's very pretty and quick. It's intuitive and fairly idiot proof, so I'm happy. It means of course that I can surf the internet at a decent speed. I don't need to take time out every time I want to load a new page from the interweb.

There's quite a bit to get used to. What is particularly annoying is the fact that the content from my iPhone and iPod won't sync to my new laptop, despite it's the same apple account. It's just making importing stuff onto here a bit long winded and somewhat tedious. It would have been so much easier had my hard drive survived, but there you go. It's salvageable.

I'm currently procrastinating slightly. I was considering exercising today, but I've hurt my back and I'm not sure the exercise will do anything but make it worse. So, I will get myself clean and dressed and I will start tackling the paperwork pile sitting next to my front door.


  1. I have an accountant file my tax return. I can't cope!

    Take care of your back.

  2. talk to apple care re the sync-ing problem, sugar! and welcome to the club! ;) xoxoxoxox

  3. mj ~ finding one is next on my list!

    savannah ~ yeah, I've talked to them at length and it won't sync from iPod/iPhone to laptop, it only goes the other way round. Unless I have my hard drive...

    I like my shiny new laptop, it is awesome.

  4. What about icloud???
    What about the new avatar???

    Don't you love people who turn up late and want to change the conversation???

  5. macy ~ I've got my hard drive and so hopefully, will be able to convince the IT guy at work that he really does want to help me load up my iTunes again.

    The new avatar is a photo from a wedding. I liked it more.


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