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Remember Me?

I used to blog here loads? Bore you senseless with my tales of woe? Is it coming back to you?

Yeah, well, I've been a bit busy. Instead of blogging about the kind of Life I'd like to lead, I've been leading the Life, I'd like to have time to blog about. I confess that a lot of it, I blame on Lawrence. We've been going out to see loads of small, live gigs. I might be wrong, but I think he worked out that we saw about 8 acts in about 7 days. It isn't unusual that we spend more on drinks than on tickets for the gigs (before you say, we usually have a couple of bottles of fruit juice or if we're being extravagant a bottle of beer for him, bottle of beer for me to last us most of the evening). Norwich is an awesome place to live; to be able to see so many great musicians for not a lot of money, well to me that's Epic Winning.

I am also currently flat out at work. This Friday is our annual Vision Day, when our directors lay out their Plans for World Domination.…

2012 - The Year of the Water Dragon

According to the Chinese, 2012-2013 will be the Year of the Dragon, in Water. The dragon, in Chinese mythology, is associated with power, success and wealth. In its water aspect it brings about great changes. It is a supernatural being.

I've been spending a great deal of time thinking and day dreaming about the year ahead and the Life I want to lead, as far as my economic activities are concerned. Last year, the other aspects of my life began to really slot into place as I got my head together.

Last year my resolution was to Stop Thinking About It - Do It. This year, I am Listening to my Inner Wisdom and Following Through.

This year will be about: healing, re-aligning my internal chemistry (life without nicotine), moving more, getting my NLP Practice off the ground. This is the year it's all going to be happening; so watch this space!

2011, The Year that Was...

going to be 'Stop Thinking About It, DO IT'.

That was my only resolution. But within that, I started exercising, gave up smoking several times, stopped exercising and kept smoking.

Do I feel a failure about it? No, not really. Because when I chose that resolution, I just wanted to get moving again. I wanted to have a Life. Rather than sitting 24/7 at my laptop, I wanted to do stuff. And it didn't matter if I didn't follow through, I just wanted to have a go.

Have a go, I certainly did. I became an NLP Practitioner and dragged my Boy in after me. If I thought it, I aimed to do it.

So, what was 2011 like? Well, painful and stressful immediately come to mind. It was the first year after my dad died, which was never going to be fun. I was working in two places, and then in March, I started doing 4 days a week at the financial services. I'm glad I made the move. I have learnt an awful lot. I work with and for fantastic people. And it means I write. It seems that it doesn…