Right to Whinge

So I was standing in line at a bank, waiting to put some cheques in. One of the practitioners asked me if I'd do his banking during my lunch hour. Seeing as RDJ wouldn't make our lunch date, what the hell, I went to his bank and waited.

Before me was an elderly lady who'd clearly forgotten the meaning of hair brush and remembered that rouge goes on in heavy, pink circles. Behind me was another who would have given Vogue a run for their money as far as classy and fashionable is concerned.

The lady in front clacked her dentures together in disgust. She'd been waiting a whole 2 minutes and had patently had enough. She tried to incite me to join the revolution.

I declined on the grounds that I bet people in Japan were wishing for the opportunity to be queuing in a bank for a couple of minutes without fear of the earth or sea or nuclear disaster.

The lady behind me nodded sagely. For her, it was the thought of the poor children. For me, it's been the thought of the WWII survivors. To have rebuilt their country, to rightly expect a peaceful and gentle retirement...I can only shake my head. She said she was a WWII survivor as well.

We nodded and waited in contented silence until it was my turn to put the cheques in.


  1. Our perception is "suffering" is relative.

    Of course if WWII had gone the other way, no one would be complaining publicly.

  2. These images reminded me of the Hiroshima footage. Dazed people wandering through rubbish that was a city some hours before. And the idea of a cloud of nuclear fallout is not bettering the situation.

  3. Awful. Just awful.

    I love the ageing with their do's and eggshell Chanel suits. They have a certain class that you rarely find. Also I find it impossible to look good in eggshell. Even Gaga must have realised this by now.

  4. xl ~ indeed. I can see how waiting 2 minutes in a queue can compared to looking at the matchsticks of your house and belongings. Quite right.

    mago ~ the Japanese are getting it from all sides at the moment. The 'fall out' of the devastation, lack of food, clean water, sanitation hasn't even begun to hit.

    cyberpete ~ no eggshell suit. Beige cashmere sweater, pearls, impeccable make-up and tartan trousers. She also had a fabulous gold-topped walking stick.

    I don't put eggshell under classy.


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