MCW Favorite 1950s Movie

It's just got to be The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Fabulously understated, ground breaking and challenging.

The remake or 're-imagining' was 3 shades of pants.

Happy MCW.


  1. Ha! This has brought back happy memories of watching Lost in Space! Polystyrene rocks and everything!

  2. ^^^
    Wot she said! It was so cardboard and yet it was brilliant because we didnt expect so much in those days. The suspense was built by the acting and you didnt look so much at the scenery. Nick pick!

  3. Good afternoon Roses,

    I loved this movie for that matter many of the 1950 horror movies. They were entertaining without using all the guts and gore that modern movies do.

    Hope you're having a good clip day!
    Klaatu Barada Nikto

  4. I don't know what "Three shades of pants" means but it doesn't sound very good. Surprisingly enough, we supposedly share the same language. Yet, I can't make heads or tails of "three shades of pants". You Brits are awesome. Sometimes wish Grandfather hadn't left. Of course that was almost 400 years ago.

    Good clip. It's hard to believe that when Hollywood re-made this, it wasn't better. No wait, it's not hard to believe at all.

    Happy MCW Lovely Roses.

  5. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! Oh, and what Karl said. The 2008 remake with Keeeeeeeenu sucked butt. Is that what "three shades of pants" means, too?

  6. ms scarlet ~ there's something really fantastic about the films from this era. The acting had to hold everything in place.

    ms cake ~ exactly that.

    karl ~ so many of the movies were scary, because they left everything to the imagination. And that's worse than seeing all the blood and gore.

    madman ~ 'pants' is when something is awful. Three shades of pants, gives you an idea of how completely awful I thought it was.

    I love that language is so subversive. I'm a rebel at heart.

    Happy MCW to you too!

    moi ~ see my explanation to madman.

    The remake was bad, really, really...

  7. I just saw the remake with stiff-as-a-board Keanu Reeves a couple of weeks ago and it was confusing to say the least. But it did have Jennifer Connelly in it - and she's hot. I have not seen the original in like 30 years, so I don't really remember it except for the big ass robot.

    Happy MCW!

  8. Formicula!
    The Swamp Thing!!!

  9. buzz ~ I don't see how Keanu could be more wooden, he's like a plank in the remake.

    mago ~ Fantastic choices in B movies hon. All we need now is some popcorn.


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