Tribute to Leslie - Naked Gun

I know this is not the MCW. But I loved Leslie Neilson and the Naked Gun travesties.

It's a bit long, but enjoy anyway.


  1. It almost fits the theme.
    He'll never be forgotten due to that famous one liner.

  2. xl ~ I'll miss his humour. I just loved it.

    princess ~ not quite, I loved his movies from the get go. And btw, you're absolutely right.

  3. I absolutely adore his movies. All the Zucker Bros movies are great because no matter how many times you watch them you always end up seeing something new. A look, an expression, some hilarity in the background somewhere. Plus Leslie Nielsen was a fine actor.

    I've only watched one movie of his that I didn't like. Naked Space aka. The Creature Wasn't Nice, that was a dud. But one dud in 20 years is not half bad.

    As they'd probably have said in one of his movies, may he rest in pieces.

  4. cyberpete ~ I haven't seen that one, and you're right - everyone's allowed a dud. It's when that's all you can expect that it gets a bit much.

    Love your toast to Leslie.

    *raises champagne flute*


  5. To Leslie!

    Had it been a Naked Gun movie we'd be toasting in urine samples. Thank god not all life is like in the movies.

  6. cyberpete ~ indeed.

    I love his captain in Airplane(not Peter Grey) 'Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up meth amphetamines.'

  7. Most actors are lucky to have one career; he had two. His "first" career dated from the '50s, when he played heavies and romantic leads - he did a great job in "Tammy and the Bachelor" in the late '50s, as well as many others.

    Then came the era we're all familiar with, as a comic actor. He was always a funny guy off-camera, but for the longest time, nobody would give him a chance, saying he didn't have a face for comedy. Thank goodness somebody finally did - he's been quoted many times saying that comedy was what he was meant to do.

    Mr. Neilsen used to live in the city where I do; I'd see him at least a couple times a month shopping in the local Safeway, and he'd always say hello as he passed by!

  8. roxy ~ I didn't know that about him. That's what I love about blogging, always learning something new. I'm sure you'll miss seeing him in his civvies.

    He was brilliant.

  9. He was a guilty pleasure of mine, always thought he looked exceptionally handsome.

  10. mme dF ~ what ever floats your boat my dear. I say, own your pleasure. Someone who was that much fun and easy on the eye deserves to be fully acknowledged. No guilt necessary.


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