Sensodyne adverts have to be the World's most boring adverts. Ever.

Actors pretend to be 'real' people and deliver their scripts in the same straight delivery bordering on monotone.

The ad begins with said boring person bemoaning the agony of sensitive teeth. How it turned them into social pariahs unable to drink and eat the hot and cold food that normal people take for granted. Sensodyne, it turns out, saved them from a life-time of drinking with straws, saved their love-life as they were now able to eat Italian ice-cream, ice cubes and frozen vodka from the belly button of George Clooney (it's not my fantasy, who am I to judge?).

I've always been mildly irritated by these ads. Until now.

After the last adjustment of my braces, I have sensitive teeth. Yes, it's me now wincing when I drink cold things. It's not a lot of fun I have to say. So I bought a small tube of this wonder toothpaste.

Now these ads make me grind my teeth with rage.

It doesn't bloody work.

I've been conned.


  1. My teeth suddenly became sensetive to hot and cold this summer. The dentist replaced a filling, but that didn't fix it. Sensodyne has been working for me. Sorry.

  2. dave ~ why are you sorry the wonder toothpaste works for you?

  3. I'm sorry it hasn't worked for you, of course.

  4. Actually, I've just remembered, it's not Sensodyne. That didn't work for me either. It's Colgate® Sensitive
    Pro-Relief that's done the trick.

  5. "from the belly button of George Clooney"

    From RDJ perhaps?

  6. i have sensitive skin,not teeth, so i'm no help. xoxoxo

  7. dave ~ I'll go out and get some. Later.

    xl ~ if I had RDJ's belly button within licking range, you can guarantee I wouldn't be worrying about adding icecream.

    savannah ~ I have fussy skin too. It's a bummer.

  8. I have no idea whether I have sensitive teeth or not. Would you lay down so that I can sip ice cold vodka from your belly button?

    Thank you.

  9. Word Verification ~ Moisti

    How apt

  10. mago ~ no. Leave the vodka in the glass honey, get back to work.

    s.i.d ~ made me smile.


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