The fabulous Ms Scarlet has tagged me for a meme. She wants to know what are the ingredients for my secret recipe for my perfect man. I had to leave this one and think about it all day. I finally came up with this:

  1. Must not be a bright and chirpy morning person, but must not be grumpier than me. In other words, will bugger off and leave me to wake up in peace
  2. Must know how to make a cup of coffee to my exact specifications. And deliver it with a smile
  3. Must think pink, fluffy dressing gowns, worn with silver, woolly booties are the sexiest thing ever
  4. Must like chocolates with cream centres, leaving me the nutty ones. On a similar note, must think buying olives, sun dried tomatoes and anchovies as gifts are normal
  5. Must like red wine, for drinking, or cooking, or drinking with
  6. If  he must have an interest in competitive sports, must adhere to strict gender role and not insist on boring me with a) the details or b) the events, either live or televised
  7. He does not need an orienteering course but doesn't mind getting lost occasionally
  8. Must be a more than competent driver of a vehicle that is lustworthy (and doesn't mind getting lost occasionally)
  9. Will have interesting hobbies that include etchings, but not require a 3 day lecture or an instruction manual (or props). This does not include bottle cap, assembling flat pack furniture, stamp collecting or trainspotting
  10. Must have a music collection that complements mine. Celine Dion fans, need not apply
  11. Must not think it odd when I curl up in bed with nothing than a good book for an afternoon (delivering coffee and/or red wine a bonus)
  12. Must think dirty dishes are the scourge and downfall of civilisation and it is his civic duty to keep the sink clear at all times (laundry basket, double points)
  13. Most importantly, must believe that 'weird' is normal and 'normal' is weird.
I nominate:


Please adjust the meme for your sexual preferences. Let me know if/when you've memed.

An addendum: should any readers meet these requirements, please apply in writing, with a recent photo, supply good references and prepare for a panel interview. Opening date May 2011. Thank you.


  1. 6/13.

    Will think about this for a long time (I have a rather special post for tomorrow).

  2. Oh gawd... what's Dave up to?
    Anyhow... I am so with you on six... and I've let myself be dragged to a cricket match at Lords before. Awful. I ran away and got lost on the way home.

  3. dave ~ huh? Okay.

    ms scarlet ~ amen sistah. I'd run away too...getting lost...not so much.

  4. I might be able to meet 8 or 9 out of those 13 points. Not bad eh?

    I will do this one, maybe this weekend? I'll let you know.

    Your demands are quite reasonable, just wait until you see my list. No wonder I don't have a boyfriend.

  5. cyberpete ~ 8 or 9! Typical. You're in Denmark and aren't my way inclined. *sigh* Ah well, it probably explains why we get on so well together.

    I'm relieved you don't think I'm being unreasonable. I didn't think I was, but then on my Facebook page, I took a hammering.

    I look forward to your list my darling.

  6. As there is a stated instruction to stick to gender roles

  7. beast ~ literacy not your strong point? Strict gender roles only apply to competitive sports.

  8. Sorry hunny. Are you on Facebook? Me too!

  9. Good morning Roses,

    Not too tough a list. Except, you can have all the chocolates, I prefer ale to red wine and I could care less about competitive sports.

    What's that old joke? Oh yea. The perfect woman, 3 feet tall with the flathead.(ducks to avoid flying wine bottle)

    Have a nice weekend!

  10. karl ~ good evening to you. Good to know I'm not being too demanding...I didn't think I was.

    I won't fling the bottle at you just yet, I need the wine inside it first.

  11. Rather belatedly, I have taken up the meme in my latest post!


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