MCW The Worst Sequel: Highlander II

Don't you just hate it when you go to a film now and the ending sets it up for another one? Especially if you're already regretting the cost of the ticket and the loss of 1 and a half hours of your life. There are some really awful sequels around. Really awful. But for me, this one is the biggest stinker of them all.

I loved Highlander. It was a fantastic film. Highlander 2...well, it killed it for me. So much so that I have never been able to look at the first without cringing.


  1. I always wondered why a cross eyed Tarzan was hanging around with a classy Scotsman.

    Happy MCW...

  2. I haven't seen the first one yet.

    I've been watching Nanny McPhee this week.

  3. Like MJ, I havent seen the first one either. Never really got that Tarzan bloke.

  4. I never saw that first one - i dont think the actor is good or good looking! but generally, sequels suck like a hoover. a hard challenge would have been to select a successful sequel.

    happy MCW!

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  5. Good morning Roses,

    Yes indeed, another movie disappointment. I unfortunately paid to see this one. Because I like the first one.

    Glad to see you play this week. Have a happy clip day!

  6. I never understood the appeal of the first Highlander. Christopher what's-his-name's accent puts me to sleep. Guy sounds like he's working around marbles in his mouth. At any rate, by the time the second one came around, I was all, no thanks. But I trust that you made a most excellent choice :o). Happy Movie Clip Wednesday!

  7. I never saw either, but I agree a really bad sequel can ruin all that was good with the original.

    I'm glad you're playing this week!

    Happy MCW

  8. princess ~ what gets me about our Sean is his accent never changes, no matter what nationality he's supposed to be playing. It's very funny.

    mj ~ watch the first one. Ignore the rest.

    joanna cake ~ I'd recommend it, but not if you like your films classy.

    k9 ~ hello my dear. Welcome. I agree sequels are dire. I'd argue this is one of the worst. I'll be over to see what you've chosen in a moment.

    karl ~ you and me both. I left the cinema grumbling. I can still remember how cross I was.

    moi ~ if the first one didn't do it for you; trust me, the second one would have you spitting.

    boxer ~ thank you honey. I couldn't resist. Your choice did make me cringe...Grease 2 *shudder*

  9. I loved Highlander and actually chose it a few months ago as best movie made into a TV series. I never saw Highlander 2 but did see Highlander 3 (The Final Dimension) with Mario van Peebles and that was truely horrid too.

    Happy MCW!

  10. buzz kill ~ hey there. I refuse to part with my time, much less my money for anymore Highlander.

    I just can't say enough how badly Highlander 2 sucked. It goes beyond appalling.

  11. It is dreadful. But I would still watch it for big Sean. And close my eyes for the others.

  12. Yup!

    It's crap!

    Or as WV agrees with me fulag

  13. This movie scremes "more money!" Sorry I got here late. Been a long day but this sucked more than I can describe in words. Thanks for playing. Happy MCW.

  14. mme df ~ Sean just doesn't do it for me. He's all yours honey. Fill your boots.

    sid ~ 'fulag'. I will adopt and drop into today's conversations. 'I'd agree with you, except you're just talking fulag'. 'Get the fulag out of my face'.

    Yeah, that'll work.

    mrm ~ or at least they tried to make more money with it...can't have done that badly with them making #3. Ugh.

  15. For me the Matrix sequels are the worst ever made. The first Matrix movie was great. Then came the first sequel which was bad. I watched it at the movies, and even though it sucked, I came back for thirds.

    I don't know if that says more about the people making it or me paying good money and wasting my time watching it at the movies.

  16. cyberpete ~ amen brother. The Matrix sequels were a crime against humanity. I didn't chose them, despite them sucking beyond all hoover ability, because I can still watch The Matrix.

    I can't even bear to watch Highlander now.

  17. I'm not into "cloak and dagger".


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