You may or may not remember that every year on here, I celebrate Samhain by writing the names of those I love who have passed on.

The theme this year seems to be predominantly one of loss.

Yesterday, I learnt of the sad passing of Infomaniac Bitch, Piggy. He was much loved and will be sorely missed.

I invite you to join me in remembering those we love, who have gone before. I will take off the word verification and allow Anonymous comments. Please leave the name of the person you would like to remember, it really is up to you how little or how much you want to write. If you want to write a little something about them, your relationship or a favourite memory, please do.

Join me on the 31st of October in remembering those we have love and lost. Let us remember together, grieve and heal each other.


  1. Robert Chambers aka Mutley The Dog. Whip-smart, all-around nice guy.

  2. xl ~ not yet! On the 31st of October!

    Remember him with us on Samhain.

  3. It will be a Sunday this year. MAybe I'll write something, but I can not promise. Thank you for the invitation Roses.

  4. today i received a copy of a photo taken years ago. it's a pic of me and the MITM's 2 sisters. one of them was my best friend. i will post it on oct.31 in her honor. i miss her all the time. yesterday's post was for all those we've lost recently. xoxoxox

  5. mago ~ that's fine honey. Do what feels right for you.

    savannah ~ we've lost so much haven't we? It just feels so weird.

  6. Are you a neopagan? I consider myself to be a friend of the witch. And of Mutley, our dear departed pal.

  7. You'll have to excuse XL...he's a little premature.

    *marks calendar*

    And thank you for mentioning Infomaniac Bitch extraordinaire, Piggy.

  8. "excuse XL...he's a little premature"

    For some reason, I've been hearing that one a lot lately.

  9. mj ~ I'm used to excusing XL by now. Bless.

    That Piggy has gone, still doesn't feel real.

    See you on the 31st, if not sooner.

    xl ~ the deep breathing and counting to 10 in German not helping?

  10. Sorry Mr Bananas ~ I lost the running order.

    I'm not groovy enough to be a 'neo' anything. I'm an old-fashioned pagan. When I'm feeling particularly spikey I describe myself as a fundemental pagan and demand the return of the practise of throwing Christians to the lions.

    Most times however, I'm fairly peace loving.

  11. Einszweidreivierfünfsechsiebenachtneunzehn - ich KOHOMEEE!

    Something like that?

  12. mago ~ exactly. Though with hopefully more space between the numbers. A lot more space.


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