My teenagers have long memories. When I announced I was off to B&Q to get a replacement bulb for the shaving light for the downstairs bathroom, there was much rolling of eyes. I think bets were placed because when I came back with yet more plants and pots, money changed hands and there was much muttering.

The Streptocarpus, which quite frankly sounds like a condition requiring antibiotics, and the Calathea haven't survived my ministrations. On the other hand, the orchids, the african violets, ivy etc. seem to be doing very well. They haven't died off yet. It's a fine balance to be had, watering. It seems I have two modes: desert and tropical downpour; and for some reason some plants just don't like that. Fussy buggers.

Despite that, I'm very pleased with my mini-home jungle. Boy, is bitching that having a shower in the morning requires a cutlass and pith helmet. I don't know what's wrong with the teenager; here I am providing him with cheap adventures. After all, flights to the Amazon aren't cheap and there are the mosquitoes to contend with out there.

Todays purchase was a large devil's ivy for my bedroom (as well as some smaller ones and some half-priced orchids). I've a mind to wrap some fairy lights around it too. It's all very odd, but I'm going with it. Even if my credit card is shivering in the corner of a darkened room, whimpering and rocking. Poor thing.


  1. Had to google devil's ivy. Aha! Had that or something very much like it in my side yard on Maui growing as ground cover. Really liked the variegated color and depth.

    If you decorate yours with fairy lights, pix please!

  2. xl ~ while I was growing up, I had one of them in my bedroom. I never knew what the damn thing was called until now.

    I will play with the lights and take some some point. :-)

  3. Hi Roses,
    I did some purchasing of my own in the plant departmet this last week.
    Must be something in the air. Orchids were on my list too...
    Working on a post for later today some time...
    And a vege patch update...

    I just love Spring...

  4. But did you get the bulb?

    The plant I was given for my birthday is now in flower.

  5. princess ~ I'm not sure what it is, but I love orchids so. It's Autumn here, so I shouldn't be nesting. I just can't help myself.

    Enjoy planning what you'll be growing and eating later in the year.

    dave ~ yes, I did get the bulb. I'm glad the plant is still with you.

  6. What about the pond?

  7. Are you going to send your son on a bushcraft course?
    I could recommensd a few.

  8. mago ~ the pond and surrounding area is now done. My back hurts again and I'm knackered, but very pleased.

    ms scarlet ~ I just asked him. He said it's not needed. Getting to the bathroom every morning is enough.

    Besides, you know what boys are like. Any hint of anything outdoorsey and they want to light a fire. I don't need a fire in the middle of my living room floor.

  9. Is your streptocarpus better?

  10. mago ~ my streptocarpus is no more. It has left the premisis, it is pushing up daisies.

  11. My watercress died. I'm sure I killed it somehow. It did live for about 6 months which I'm very proud of.

    I'm also either desert or torrential downpour. Not all plants like that.

  12. cyberpete ~ I've never grown watercress...I quite like it in sandwiches though.

    RIP watercress.

  13. I'm not good with any plants which is also one of many reasons why I'm not getting a pet.

  14. cyberpete ~ pets are easier. They tell you when they're hungry.


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