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I have a well earned reputation for being a Lazy Shite. Given any opportunity I will assume The Position on my sofa, which is very, very comfy. I don't like mornings and will happily potter around smoking and drinking my coffee until...well...the afternoon. My Get Up and Go, got up and left years ago, slammed the door on it's way out and hasn't been seen since. Not even a postcard.

This reputation has been shaken and stirred Ladies and Gentlemen. I am once again gainfully employed with The Alternative Healthcare Practice. I have a long history with them. When I was doing my Creative Writing qualifications that led to my degree, I would be their emergency receptionist. When I wasn't working for them I was sampling the many treats of accupuncture, osteopathy and hypnotherapy. Earlier this year, I thought some accupuncture would be good for me. And it was. After a treatment, I casually dropped into the conversation that I would be available again for any work they could throw my way. The few days work then turned into a 2 day a week job. Before I had the chance to get to comfortable, I got the phone call from my brother, saying it looked like my father had lung cancer.

I went to my employer, explained the situation and then said I was going to Trinidad for 2 months. Any other sane employer would have thanked me for my time and bid me farewell. He did not. He sent me off with his blessing and said the job would be waiting for me when I got back. I did say to him if he got someone he liked, to hang on to them. It's a small business and they can't afford not to have a key member of staff. I understand the pressures that running a small business brings.

As soon as I was coherent the day after I landed, I rang to say I was back. Did they still want me? Would they mind if I had a week to get my shit together before I started (if they still wanted me back)? Yes, they wanted me back and of course I could have a week before I started. Not only that, but if I needed to take more time, I could have it. I was both suprised and pleased.

The Monday after my return, I went along to have a financial review with my financial advisor. In the course of our meeting, after he finished telling me off for going through my cash reserves like a wolf in a sheep's pen, he offered me a job. Temporary, for the other days of the week I'm not working. The temporary part is a convenience on both sides. We need to see if we like each other and to see if it's going to work.

So much for continuing my life as a bum.

Since I've come back from Trinidad, I've gradually been getting the house and garden sorted. Jobs which were piling up have now been dealt with. I've not been terribly energetic about it, less blazing and more of a gentle pottering, with Couch Time being factored in.

I still have no idea what I want to do when I grow up. For the moment, that's okay. I'm not in a position to make any long term decisions right now. One way or another, this year has been hard work. I've been battered and blown about. That's okay too. I've learnt a lot and I hope with the learning I am a wiser and stronger woman for it. Time will tell. Everything is as it should be.


  1. Since you're on a roll, buy a lotto ticket!

  2. you've inspired me, sugar! yes, it's true. the baskets and files (filled with unrelated paper and just used as a catchall) will be sorted and filed correctly finally! of course this is going to be done tomorrow, but it will be done. xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Couch time is good though!
    things are really happening for you congratulations...XXX

  4. It feels so good, getting up early with a purpose in life, doesn't it?

  5. xl ~ good idea, especially as I will have Oscar to keep in the manner to which he will become accustomed.

    savannah ~ I'm glad I've inspired you, though it sounds like I've inspired you to procrastinate. Good luck with it my darling. xxxx

    princess ~ well, I'm moving. Hopefully, in the right direction.

    dave ~ ummm....no. My purpose in life does not come from early mornings and reception work.

  6. I'd put that lazy Dave to work in your garden if I was you.
    A girl should never be separated from her couch for too long.

  7. Good news, I'm so pleased. Couch time is so important, I have to take it, even if it then means a lot of catching up afterwards.

  8. ms scarlet ~ poor Dave, every time he comes around for a cuppa, he ends up being roped into chores. But you're right, I shouldn't be separated from my couch. Excuse me. I think it's calling.

    z ~ thanks my dear. To be honest, I don't think I could run around like a blue arsed fly, even if I wanted to.


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