Normal Service

I think it's time I take some time out from this blog. Things are tough and I think the hard times have overtaken the good.

Please don't desert me completely. I will be back, posting on here soon. I will try and pop in to see what you're all getting up to.

In the meantime, do something mushy for me: find the person you really love and give them a mahusive hug. If I've learnt anything recently, it's that Now is all the time we have; and never, ever pass up the opportunity to let the person who's really important to you, know how much you care. To the people who love you, be gentle with them, it's a precious gift; you lucky buggers you.


  1. Take care dear Roses.

    We will be here when you are ready.

  2. You need some processing time gurl?
    Take all the time you need...
    Like Xl, I won't be far away...

  3. Mahusive hug, Roses.

  4. xl ~ thanks my darling.

    princess ~ not so much processing time, as getting on with the day to day caring for a dying man time. Doesn't make for good blog posts on here. I'll probably still use other blog occasionally.

    dave ~ thanks my dear.

    mago ~ man of few words, thanks.

  5. I tried some mushy peas for the first time in my life last week. They weren't as bad as I thought....

  6. rog ~ mushy peas require a strong constitution....just to risk dipping the fork in. Good to see you're still experimenting.

  7. Mushy hugs from me an'all.
    Take care.

  8. ms scarlet ~ hugs gratefully received, thanks.

    *hugs ms scarlet back*

  9. Ditto everyone else, you know where we are when you need us.

    You've got my email address, so drop me a line whenever you like.

    Thinking of you xx

  10. beth ~ thanks lovely. You're a star!

  11. Massive hug, a spritz of Darling and a glass of Moet.

    Take care darling, and don't be a stranger.

  12. cyberpete ~ my favourite drinking buddy! Thank you my darling, I feel more fabulous already.

  13. Roses - just catching up on various blogs so only seen this now. So sorry to here about this. Lots of love x

  14. You are right, and the reminder is always welcome.

    You're a brave and loving woman and you're doing the right thing and being there when you're needed, however hard it is. Big hugs, darling.

  15. sanddancer ~ good to see you here again. Hope all is well with you.

    z ~ I bet Sage enjoyed your affection. Good.


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