Going to the Dark Side

One of the goals I set myself this summer was to become fit and strong. I wasn't particularly worried about my weight, even though it's been fluctuating, I figured if I was fitter and more active, it would settle down. Of course, once I got the phone call (last week, bloody hell), it kind of screwed my plans a bit.

Until I remembered my SIL was a yoga convert. I did ante-natal yoga and quite liked it, but my leanings tended to be more martial arts rather than yoga. But I've been putting off joining a class, procrastinating doing my exercise dvds and ignoring the olympic sized swimming pool just up the road. I bought a skipping rope which was duly packed and when I arrived I made the mistake of telling my SIL.

She took me for a walk round the neighbourhood on Thursday. Bearing in mind, Trinidad has steep hills, I'm deeply unfit and I smoke, I revelled in the fact that when we finished I did not require the attention of a paramedic, nor did I resort to Father #1's oxygen (though it was a close call).

Now you, my long term readers will know, my morning routine is fairly well fixed. Until I've had my first smoke and cup of coffee, I'm not coherent. I can't even think about getting dressed or leaving the house until I've had my second round. Forget eating. I was just thinking about my second cup of coffee when my SIL announced the yoga class started in 15 minutes. I managed to collect my brain cells and got changed into suitable gear (leggings and a big shirt) and we got there in time. Then for the next couple of hours I puffed, panted and groaned through my poses.

Apparently, I am 'awakening' my muscles.

We were doing Hatha yoga and the teacher leading the class was fantastic. The other students were supportive and helpful. I didn't feel like the new, clueless kid. I even managed a handstand! Me! Yes, you did read right. So, the idea is I'll do classes 3 times a week while I'm here, build up my strength and stamina and when I get back to the Land of Cold and Damp, I'll keep up the good work.

Yeah right.

But, I've got to start somewhere and if I don't do it now, then when?


  1. "a handstand!"


    Walking steep hills is very good, too. My old neighborhood was hilly, so made it an extra special workout.

  2. Yoga has sorted my bad back out... and I'm very surprised at myself for doing Yoga. Lots of aches and pains at first - but I look forward to it now.

  3. The prospect of a fit and strong Roses....

    *looks at bruises on arm where she punched him last time we met*

    *hides under desk, whimpering*

  4. Right on, dear! Good for the belly. Learning to breath is a rewarding thing!

  5. outstanding! the first step is always the hardest, sugar! well done! xoxoxox

  6. xl ~ thanks. Though I ache...I really ache.

    ms scarlet ~ apparently, it's supposed to be good for you. Doesn't feel like it at the moment.

    dave ~ LOL.

    mago ~ I have secret hopes for a flat stomach still, but I'm not going to ask for a miracle at this point.

    savannah ~ for me it's not the first step that's the hardest, it tends to be after about 3 months I start getting bored. Well, we'll see.

  7. I've a friend who is going in for a second operation on yoga induced back injury. Just sayin!

  8. rog ~ I'm a great believer in only doing what I'm able. Besides, it might be a great opportunity to meet a cute doctor.

  9. I'm very impressed. And it's a good idea too - get into the habit when you're out of your usual lifestyle anyway, and then you'll adjust to the change more readily.

  10. z ~ quite frankly, if I'm still doing this in 6 months time, I'll be impressed. That'll be the challenge.


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