Boy and I will be elsewhere for the next 2 weeks. Gee's fabulous daughter Aitch and family are rocking up in about an hour and a half and will be running riot over Palais de Roses. Therefore, normal blogging service is likely to be patchy.

Don't have too much fun while I'm gone.


  1. There she goes ... fun ... ta!

  2. 'too much fun'


  3. How COULD we have fun whilst you're away? (titter)

  4. Sounds like just what you need - enjoy and regenerate for 2010.
    Let it be a good one.

  5. No, we'll all sit here refreshing the page dispiritedly until you get back.

  6. xl ~ I am having fun thanks.

    mago ~ well, you can always talk amongst yourselves while I'm away.

    dave ~ humpf.

    cogidubnus ~ ha ha. Between you and Dave, I'm sure you'll think of something.

    moggie ~ actually, it's been exactly what I needed. A change of scenery, some fabulous company and I have to say, it's good being looked after every now and then. Now is good.

    z ~ if you ask nicely, I'm sure Dave and Cogidubnus will let you play with them.

  7. "z ~ if you ask nicely, I'm sure Dave and Cogidubnus will let you play with them."

    Sure you wouldn't care to rephrase this bit Roses (and Dave a man of the cloth too!)...

  8. cogidubnus ~ are you sure you would care to wash your mind out with bleach?

    Filthy minded lurker!


  9. Bet you smiled though!

  10. perfect! a holiday is JUST what y'all needed, sugar! xoxooxox

  11. cogidubnus ~ yeah, I did. How predictable of me.

    cyberpete ~ it is good thanks.

    savannah ~ the chaos of 2 small boys here is fantastic. It's like I'm having a holiday from myself.


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