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Hello. My name is Roses and I am about to share a deeply disturbing problem of mine.

I am addicted to stationery.

Yes, I know it's shocking. But it's true.

I love stationery. Pens, pencils, paper, note books, journals, diaries, push pins. All of it. I love it so much. I have to have it.

Borders, the massive bookseller has now been taken outside and is in the process of being shot. I trooped down there a few days ago to secure my W&A 2010 edition and also The Creative Writing Coursebook as my copies went walkabout a few years ago and both are good resources to have, especially as my skills are so bloody rusty at the moment. Normally, I get my stationery fix at WH Smith. I have my brand of choice pens and my brand of choice paper. However, while I was in the rummage sale that Borders has become, I stopped by Paperchase. Oh boy. Or I could just say 'ouch' and leave it at that. Those of you who don't understand my stationery pecadillo can leave now and see you another time; thanks for dropping by.

Of course, Paperchase aren't taking part in the 20% off everything. Unfortunately. It didn't stop me buy a handful of cards, postcards and I thought I'd try a new flavour of pen. Today, lured by promises of lunch, I met Dave in town. We ate, caught up and then I sent him home. He still is not his bright, energetic self and unfortunately, is too well brought up to say he's had enough, or to just to go home. He is very big and brave.

Anyway, back to stationery.

I wandered around H&M looking for a hat that would a) fit and b) not make me look stupid. I gave up on the not looking stupid part and got a couple of wooly hats and a new scarf and then went back into Borders. How was that a good idea? Of course I had to buy a copy of The Virago Book of Ghost Stories and something for Boy towards his Yule pile and then I wandered into Paperchase. I now have more pens, cards and a postcard that reads: Make yourself at Home, Clean my Kitchen! Needless to say my credit card is a quivering mass in the corner, thoroughly exhausted. But I have just remembered that I need some of those post-it indexers and probably more pritt stick.



  1. I like a nice sheet of paper. And a nice pen, like the one alongside me at the moment.

  2. dave ~ ah, a man who understands.

  3. Paper. There's a paper mill in the woods. They make paper the old fashioned way. It's terribly expensive.

  4. Stationary, ah just the mention of it makes my pulse accelerate and the adrenaline start pumping!

    Gotta love it

  5. we're cousins, i'm sure, sugar!!! fountain pens and good paper....heavenly! xooxxoo

  6. True confessions:

    Pilot Precise V5 rolling ball pen. Extra fine tip. Liquid black ink.

    Post-It notes. Yellow. Any size.

  7. mago ~ ooo...proper paper *wipes mouth*

    curious ~ oh yeah baby. I'm with you all the way.

    savannah ~ we are family of the heart.

    xl ~ hail fellow addict. I only wrote using Pilot V5, Hightech Point. But I'm giving the VBall 0.5 a go and loving it.

    Post Its...mmmmm....

  8. Paperchase is so lovely. Especially at christmas because they do tacky christmas decorations like hot pink fuzzy reindeer.

    My personal faves are those pens that are more than one colour? Originally, they seemed to only be made by BIC in that white/blue colourway which reminds me of teachers.

    Now, lots of people do them which pleases me immensely.

  9. beth ~ I have to have pens of many colour. Have to.

    The only thing, I was not impressed by in Paperchase, was the rows and rows of shite jewelry thingies. You know, they look like shoes etc. Bleugh. I know I like a bit of kitsch, but those are a step too far.

  10. I love stationery! And an obsession with stationery shops is the first sign of madness....

  11. rog ~ I think in my case, any attending psychiatrist would need to get extra paper to write down all the signs...oooo....and I could suggest a really nice Moleskine pad which would do just the trick.

    mago ~ *dribbles in a very un-ladylike fashion, all over keyboard*

  12. Roses, Rog hasn't really come clean on his obesession with stationery. He has drawers full of little notebooks, all unused. Only last night he showed me some pencils he'd bought in case he took up drawing. Total addict!

  13. Sorry, Follmer has no English version available. Next time I meet him I'll tell him.

  14. I think you are all completely barking....

  15. mrs rhine ~ hello and a warm welcome to you. Hah! That'll learn him to try and hide his pecadillos. Buying pencils in case he takes up drawing? Brilliant.

    mago ~ I didn't need a translation. Just the feel of the site made me go all soft and gooey inside. Proper hand-made paper...mmmm...

    sarah ~ I bet you're only just saying that. I hate to tell you this, you're as barking as the rest of us. That's why we get on.

  16. I'm also a stationery addict. It all started when I worked in an office where I was in charge of buying stationery for the whole department. There's nothing like a fresh pad of paper or a posh new pen. I'm not a fan of all the twirly whirling Paperchase designs, but I love the stark minimalism of Muji stuff.

  17. Stationery...oooh...ahhh...stationery ... goodness ... both me and my younger twin daughters too... sadly the wife doesn't understand and deeply resents having to drag us past those oh so tempting shelves...

  18. My name is KAZ and I too am a stationery addict.
    I would shop my own granny for a packet of coloured paper clips and I have a drawer full of little notebooks which I admire rather than use.

  19. pj ~ Buying stationery for work? And they paid you to do that? Jealous, much. I'm not proud, I like Muji too.

    cogidubnus ~ she drags you past the stationery shelves? And you haven't divorced her yet? It must be true love.

    kaz ~ welcome fellow addict. This is a safe space for you. And don't worry, we'll also sell your grannie for new notepads. It's good of you to offer.

  20. mago ~ you are such a tease!

  21. 6+99My name is Moggie and I am a stationery addict. No it doesn't help - I love notes books especially pretty ones, and fine tipped pens. At Uni I went through a stage of writing in gold or silver, or some other very light colour on black. I loved it but hated the fact that these 'posh' pens run out so quickly.

    Oh well, must sort through my waist high pile of notebooks with two pages written in each!!! Maybe I find some inspiration.

  22. moggie ~ it's okay. We understand. I love pretty journals, but can never bring myself to write in them. Instead, they are tucked all over my house looking all sparkly and pristine.

    I may have to take Boy outside and hurt him. I'm looking into my pen pot and there are quite a few new pens missing. Grrr....

  23. OMG How I love Paperchase. (Almost as much as wool!) I find myself justifying "sketchbooks" that will end up as something entirely different thus making another trip necessary. Oops

  24. Public spanking seems appropriate.

  25. It's funny Roses, I have to write something in every new notebook or I feel like they are incomplete. After that I file them away to be used at a later date. I'm not particularly superstitious but this is something I have to do.

    PS where is this Paperchase store I seem to have missed out on the experience. WHSmith had some amazing fabric notebooks half price that I have been in just to look and touch and then placed lovingly back on the shelf. Although my favourite notebook is the one I got last year from Just Curious - she made me an embroidered cover and I take it with me everywhere.

  26. Another addict here, but nowadays I have to give paperchase etc a wide bearth as although I covet the pretty books and sparkly pens, once I own them I can't bring myself to use and sully them...and my drawers are overflowing with the things...

    At work it's a different matter, I love making notes in my hard backed black and red books - all pristine, a new page for each meeting and a nice title, date and the initials of who I have met with - in black pen as blue never looks the same with my actions to be done marked with a star to the right of the page and ticked off when they are done... I've just re-read that - how sad do I sound....I possibly need help...

  27. mago ~ you might enjoy that.

    moggie ~ Paperchase is in Borders and House of Fraser.

    NM ~ I completely understand. I also have pretty journals tucked up, unused. Occasionally, I get one out and stroke it, flick the pages and put it back.

  28. I feel completely at home here. Not only was my nickname "Roses" but I love stationary too. I'm amazed to find so many like-minded souls.

  29. rosie ~ welcome namesake! Ah yes, this is a good place for those who are strange, or with good taste. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

  30. I'm so sad about Borders. :o(
    I don't know where I will go to get lost in now as I loved just flicking through the shelves of books :o(

    PS; I am also a secret stationery addict...
    I have these urges to buy notebooks & pretty pens & things.
    Me & Mr WHSmith are now on nodding terms only after I almost OD'd on the delights of the new Winter stationery range...

    Paperchase is fabulous. I love the wrapping paper they do & have to find excuses NOT to buy it.

    My stationery must haves - A good fountain pen.
    Nice crisp paper & none of that A4 rubbish.
    Quirky notebooks that are a bit cute.
    Coloured ink cartridges for my fountain pen.

  31. g*n*d ~ it's the staff that I feel sorry for. They're dealing with a mass of vultures trying to buy everything in sight and they'll have to face Christmas with no job. January is going to be really shit for them.


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