Dream a Little Dream of Me + Beautiful Thing

One of the best endings for a movie ever.


  1. Lovely. But I am sorry to confess, that I do not understand most parts. BTW You know the "Beautiful Laundrette"?

  2. I think this one may have passed me by.

  3. mago ~ Beautiful Thing is a coming out film and this is the ending. It is really lovely.

    dave ~ It is worth seeing, it's very funny and very touching.

  4. Of course it's about coming out, hence the reference to the laundrette.
    I mean "understanding" as in: "Which language do they speak?"

  5. mago ~ I'm with you now. Believe it or not, that is actually English. But as spoken by Londoners in a tower block estate.

    I haven't seen My Beautiful Laundrette. I will scout for it now.

  6. I haven't seen the film...YET...but it looks a cracker!

  7. A colourful dialect ...

  8. cogidubnus ~ I don't know what your film tastes are, but I enjoyed it. The humour is fast and sharp.

    mago ~ ye-es. They don't cover South London in any language courses I know.

  9. Mago, having had to watch The Wire with subtitles, you have my sympathy.

    I've not seen the film either (though I've seen My Beautiful Laundrette) but the ending was lovely.


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