I'm sat here trying to come up with the right words to describe how I feel at the moment.

The last three days have been whizzed past, and by some miracle, there are only 6 boxes left to unpack. Bearing in mind that my books alone were 30 boxes, not to mention many tens of boxes of my crap. But as I look about our new house, filled with our stuff, it feels like home. So much so, I am waiting for someone to leap out and say 'fooled you, it's not yours - you didn't really think you could live here?'

Don't get me wrong, there is still loads to sort out. We might have unpacked, but we're still figuring out the best place to put things. Last night, when Boy cleared off with his mates, I wondered around with a feeling of such bliss, such ease. This feels so right, it's almost scary. This was love at first sight, and I was afraid to trust it, afraid to hope that this could be mine, now I'm here, I just feel incredibly lucky; and thankful.

I have much to be thankful for. Life may not have been easy and things don't go smoothly, but I am thankful for my friends who love me for myself and are open and generous with their time and affection; I am thankful to my Boy, who might be a teenager, but is still truly wonderful and I still think there is sunshine in his bony, little backside; I am thankful for our new home, may we have many happy years here.

I would also like to thank Richard Branson. All of you know how he has brought me despair in the past, from the moment I pick up the phone and wade my way through his telephone labyrinth, I want to consume my body weight in valium. But today, I have to take it all back. Even he came through for me. Tuesday morning, I was on the futon, trying to stay out of the movers way, making as many of the 'we're moving' calls. I gritted my teeth, rang Virgin, got a very nice guy who happily organised a package upgrade, as well as the house move. He told me the engineer would be out between 13:00 and 18:00 hours today. I wrote off my afternoon.

Early afternoon, I was playing with my new washing machine and dryer; the phone rang, it was the engineer, letting me know he'd be with me at 13.30. At 13.15, he knocked on my door. By 14.30, he set me up with a ridiculously fast internet, new tv box and switched on my phone. I did another load of laundry, slapped some gloss on and went to chat up up my favourite BMW salesman (of course he needs to change my address, so all of the fabulous brochures know where to find me).

I am beginning to feel more like myself again, I didn't realise how tightly I was holding it all together. It feels like I'm letting the tension go, one vertebra at a time. For the first time in weeks, I painted my toe nails - hot, sparkly pink. Tomorrow, I go for a massage and a facial.

Life isn't too bad at all, really.


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  2. glad you're settled remarkably quickly. the team works.

    (oops, first go removed because of god-awful spelling)

  3. ing ~ thanks for that. The only problem is I'm knackered. All the things that still need to be done, are waiting...

  4. Glad it went reasonably well and that Mt Branson's lacky was so efficient. Enjoy your new home. x

  5. hottie ~ thanks honey.

  6. So glad it went well...moving HAS to be THE most stressful experience...

    (I should know - once did it thirteen times in three years - but have since settled in the same place for 24 years...boring huh?)

    Good luck in your new abode...

  7. Im so pleased you are in and settling down Roses, I bet you are feeling tired moving house, its so stressful.
    Big hug and well done you for staying sane and getting everything moved.
    The other bits can wait til you have rested up now, just unpack the essentials and get that bottle of bubbly out, you deserve one big glass.
    Congratulations are in order Roses you deserve all the very best, heres to 2009 and new beginings..

  8. cogidubnus ~thanks sweetheart, it definitely did go well...though the boxes I didn't unpack, are well, still unpacked. Hmmm....

    13 times in 3 years? Did you even bother to unpack? I must admit, it would take a lottery win, or a revolution to make me want to move out of here in hurry. I am liking it v much.

    B*E*G ~ thanks honey. I've definitely broken out the bottle of cider, which is slipping down v nicely.

  9. I am glad it is all settled. Like Cogidubnus l feel like a gypsy. 3 international moves and 2 inter island moves and countless smaller moves within UK and the Canary Islands.

    If the house feels right it is right all the best for the future :-)

  10. vetnurse ~ wow! You really have moved, haven't you? And yes, this house is really right. Thanks


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