Time Off

Part of the reason for my dragging fatigue has been dealing with people who do this -

Customer: excuse me, how much is this? *holds up a box of something*

Me: that's £35.00 madam/sir/fuckwit.

Customer: thirty-five pounds?

So, I've decided that I'm no longer going to trade in pounds. On Saturday, my currency of choice was Japanese Yen. I'm particularly looking forward to my return, when I'll be trading in Italian Lira. Can you think of any innovative currency, I might like to try?

It is with great relief that I say to you - I'm on holiday! I think I'm running the risk of actually saying this stuff, if I didn't have a break. Currently, I'm oop North with my Viking and Boy and we'll be bothering his parents later today (Viking's not Boy's). I have been promised Whitby fish and chips, a walk around Robin Hood Bay and Ravenscar. I put my foot down with a firm hand and said - no camping if it's wet - which apparently makes me the biggest whimp ever. I don't care, I've done camping cold and damp before, I don't need a repeat of the experience.

It's taking awhile for my shoulders to drop away from my ears and I am trying to relax. I still feel tense and snappy, but my Viking and Boy are being very patient with me. I must say, just getting out of Norwich and being taken away from my responsibilities has eased things.

Anyway, I'm not sure how much internet access I'll have while I'm in the wilds of the Lakes. Mind you, it's not like I've been posting regularly recently.


  1. Well you've posted more than me :)

  2. Turkish Lira might be a little more adventurous, else you could try baht, or (for history buffs perhaps) obols.

    But harken, the lad speaks...thank god, I thought it might've been something I said!

  3. I hope you enjoy your break - it sounds like you need it. Don't you just love stupid people? To death. :)

  4. Polish Zloty perhaps? (£1 = 4.14)
    Souuth African Rand? (£1 = 14.28)
    Singapore Dollar? (£1 = 2.62)

    My personal fave is
    Korean Won. If they think £35 is steep, wait for the look on their faces when you tell them it'll cost 69,140.80 (conversion rate of £1 = 1975.45).

    Quite literally priceless x

  5. Ah, the perks of a customer service job. Morons all around.

    I hope you guys have a lovely time on your break, make sure you get lots of relaxing done etc!


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