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Time Off

Part of the reason for my dragging fatigue has been dealing with people who do this -

Customer: excuse me, how much is this? *holds up a box of something*

Me: that's £35.00 madam/sir/fuckwit.

Customer: thirty-five pounds?

So, I've decided that I'm no longer going to trade in pounds. On Saturday, my currency of choice was Japanese Yen. I'm particularly looking forward to my return, when I'll be trading in Italian Lira. Can you think of any innovative currency, I might like to try?

It is with great relief that I say to you - I'm on holiday! I think I'm running the risk of actually saying this stuff, if I didn't have a break. Currently, I'm oop North with my Viking and Boy and we'll be bothering his parents later today (Viking's not Boy's). I have been promised Whitby fish and chips, a walk around Robin Hood Bay and Ravenscar. I put my foot down with a firm hand and said - no camping if it's wet - which apparently makes me the biggest whimp …

umbilical brothers

A relative sent me a forward of these guys, Boy did the YouTube, you'll see why we laughed so much.

Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!'

Prepare for this video by emptying your mouth of food and drink - otherwise you'll be cleaning it out of your keyboard and off your screen!


Lammas Blessings

It's funny how the act of going shopping for supper can be very grounding. Tonight, we celebrate Lammas, a week later. I'm making a vegetarian version of my chilli and taking some wine.

This has been my first day off in 6 days and I'm feeling pretty grey. I'm way too lazy for this hard work malarky. I want a life. A life that is not solely focused on cosmetics or indeed office work. I've been knocked off centre by the constant trampolining off my overdraft; I've become a hostage to my bank manager. I'm constantly tired, snappy, foul with the men who love me. I don't see my friends, take time to honour my spirituality or my creativity. If I don't do these things, I drift along in a sea of grey with no sight of home.

Today, I went shopping. As I walked past the greengrocers cum fish shop, I saw an orchid. The greengrocers cum fish shop is an incredible business, they have a fresh fish counter, fresh fruit and veg, breads, basic groceries and diary stuff…