Hints for Vikings

Shamelessly nicked from Spaceports.


  1. I'd like a trip to space too, but I suspect it's a shade too much cash for a Valentine's present.

    Ooh... Space Viking? :)

  2. It's an in-joke and slight dig at my Viking to be more present in Blogland.

    Seems to have worked tho.

  3. I thought it was a valentine's thing too!

    So I think your title should be renamed ...and hints for inspector monkfishes

  4. A subtle hint for Monkfish generally seems to need administering with a large mallet!

  5. NM ~ I let him off major V-Day happenings cos he brings me 'happy Monday' pressies.

    cogidubnus ~ I'm afraid he really does seem to have gone MIA. Perhaps he's been brutally murdered after his girlfriend found out the last blog post? :-)

  6. Blue moons are about every 13 months. I thought Viking was a little more frequent than that. Maybe once a year.

    Lovely picture btw

  7. Did someone say, there's a wolf about?

  8. Whats' with blue moon, thats'a song!

  9. Whats' with blue moon, thats'a song!

  10. Was it a wolf with a red rose Twining?...I bet you say that to all the girls...


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