Tuesday, June 07, 2016

It's June? Really? How?

Darlings, I'm sorry. I've neglected you dreadfully. It's just been a bit of a tough time and social media seems filled with enough doom and gloom without me adding to it.

This cycle of chemotherapy has knocked Dave sideways and as a result, me as well.

We are doing fine, all things considering. Dave is fricking amazing the way he continues to cope with the chemo and the side effects, as well as me worrying and fussing. The last two cycles are in sight. Yes, there will be the radiation therapy...but we are counting down the sessions now.

The weather this Spring has been diabolical. Truly vile. To the point where quite frankly, I was considering putting my heating back on. And then suddenly, on Saturday...after 10 days of cold, damp and grey...there was sunshine!

Dave's sister and niece came up over the weekend and brought with them loads of warmth and enthusiasm. Just what the doctor ordered. They got me in the garden; got me digging and thinking and planning. When they left Sunday lunchtime, I continued. 

It turns out all my hard work last Autumn with the chickens digging out the roots of the perennial weeds wasn't wasted. Although I haven't eradicated the ground elder and nettles and they've sprung up again with great enthusiasm, they haven't got quite the hold that they've previously enjoyed. 

Z gave me some lovely plants for my birthday. I'd been scratching my head wondering where even to begin. Dave's sister pointed me in the right direction, got them all in and looking fabulous and I've carried on ever since. Following her good advice, I've broken down the gardening into mini-projects and I've been focusing on one area at a time. 

My scatter gun approach wasn't really making a visible dent in things (even though it was) and now after roughly four days work, I can really see the difference. There was a pond, and while it could have been again (or a bog garden) I decided to keep the structure and create an homage instead. We'll pop in little alpines in rocky crevices and it should be quite fun.

Scrabble and Polly are in their second broody week. I'm getting a bit bored of them hanging out in the greenhouse now. It's put Canasta right off laying there and I'm having to chase around after her to make sure I find her laying places. She's also quite lonely wandering around by herself. Jenga...well...he's swanning around making loads of noise as usual. No change there.

Have some pix darlings.

 Look at my magnificent cock! Isn't Jenga gorgeous?
 My birthday plants from Z (except the oriental poppy that gatecrashed the party) 
 The Pond Homage
 From another angle
Teeny Tiny Very Smelly Roses

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