Velociraptor Moves

As it so often happens, I made a new Facebook friend. We saw each other commenting on our mutual friend's wall and had a mutual hug. I promised her a Velociraptor Movie and this was my first attempt. Don't judge me, I'm on a steep learning curve (like hold the damn phone in landscape mode and film bits at the beginning before leaping in at the deep end.

But hey, even Spielberg had to start somewhere. 


  1. Nice chick flick!

  2. Gaa - I can understand you !

  3. PS: Idea for an aspiring Chicken Lady.

    1. No way. There is no reality in which I would knit or sew. Ugh.

      Happily, my velociraptors aren't ex-battery hens, which was why they had the knitted sweaters in the first place. They've got a good chest of feathers. :)


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