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Living in the Country

my new garden ornament No, I have no idea where the time is going. I'm quietly living, I look up and suddenly it's the middle of October. The year is disappearing along with pretty much all my goals, objectives and money. Humpf. One of the things that has been and gone, is the first anniversary of my running away to the country. It happened at the beginning of the month. I blinked and almost missed it. I've been busy with the garden, trying to take advantage of the warm weather while it lasted. Just as well really, it's been throwing it down this week. And it's cold.

Since the arrival of my flock of velociraptors, I spent as much time outside in the garden as the weather and my energy would let me. I was able to hack and slash my way through 80% of the garden, removing the top layer of nettles, ground elder and other miscellaneous weeds. That last 20%...that was the killer. In the end, I asked Z if I could borrow her gardening man and his strimmer to deal with that l…