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The Flock of Velociraptors...

I'm not convinced these are any better, but will have to do. An iPhone is not great in taking action pix and my girls refuse to stay still.

Canasta, eyeing up a bug on her perch
Canasta and Scrabble debugging my patio
Jenga and Scrabble scratching over the patio bed for me
I am trying not to adore them too much and failing. There is still time for them to show their true colours and grow into manly cocks. They are so sweet though. The little brown ones, Canasta and Scrabble seem more like road-runners than chickens in the way they are so sleek and dart around. 

I handle them in the afternoon and before they roost and they are becoming less and less panicked by me now. They have my measure now. 

Yesterday, when I tackled the last of the nettles in the woodpile, they came when called to scratch and peck under my feet. Rummy had gone a-galavanting and so we were all far more relaxed. I'd call to them and they'd drift on over to me. I didn't do an awful lot yes…

There used to be a plot...

When I crawled out of bed last Thursday, I had no intentions in my head other than getting up to see to the Menagerie. I did that, pottered around for a bit and then next thing I know, I was talking Wince, Z's gardener into helping me kidnap two of the adolescent chicks to help me turn over a garden bed. Since I arrived here last year and have been dealing with Z's velociraptors, I've been saying how much I'd like some of my own. I was only 'borrowing' them. Three glasses of red wine later I agreed to relieve Z of another two velociraptors. 

The full extent of my folly is gradually coming home to roost. 

I popped the original two in my greenhouse. I have been gradually attacking the garden and I let Mona and Polly out for a run around while I slashed and hacked my way through the nettles and bindweed.  I realised that I had more of a chance winning the lottery than getting the two back into their small box. A bit of ingenuity on my part and I shooed them into the…